Tips on Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Pendants

Posted October 30, 2019 by in Lifestyle
woman wearing a diamond necklace

The global diamond industry continues to flourish after a period of volatility. In 2018, the market size of the sector was estimated to be worth $82 billion in 2017. The number is bound to increase until 2025, with a compound average growth rate of 2.9 percent.

India, meanwhile, remains a significant player in the diamond industry. Among the major reasons for its popularity are the cheaper labor costs, numerous financing tools, and the friendly business climate. In 2017, India contributed $17 billion to the market.

When it comes to gifts, the most popular varieties are diamond pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Regardless of what you choose as a piece of jewelry, you cannot go wrong with diamonds.

If you are looking to buy diamond pendants, here are some useful tips for you:

  1. Choose the cut — When it comes to diamonds, the most common cuts are round and princess. However, there are ten cuts for diamonds. Princess cut is characterized by its distinct square shape. Meanwhile, the round cut makes up seven in ten diamonds in the market today. They both have their respective pros and cons. For instance, the princess cut has a unique shape, but it does not reflect light the way a round-cut does. 
  2. Necklace size — When choosing diamond pendants, you also have to consider the chain. Typically, white gold or gold chains work well with diamonds. They are also sturdy enough to secure the gem around the neck. The necklace size should be enough to be noticed but not big enough to be gaudy.
  3. Clarity of the diamond — Diamond necklaces are designed to highlight the metal. When it comes to transparency, manufacturers and distributors use multiple grades based on the GIA International Diamond Grading System™.

Among the categories are:

  • Internally Flawless
  • Very Very Small Inclusions 1 and 2
  • Very Small Inclusions 1 and 2
  • Small Inclusions 1 and 2
  • Inclusions 1 and 2 

You rarely find a diamond that is “Internally Flawless.” It means they possess no blemishes even when put under a microscope at 10x magnification. Understandably, this type of diamond is priceless.

  1. Choose the setting — The setting is also another factor when buying diamond pendants. For instance, you can opt for prong, which is the ideal choice if you want to showcase the metal. On the downside, the prong is not as secure and prone to bending. As an alternative, you can choose bezel instead. With bezel, the diamond is encased in metal, which makes it more secure. The disadvantage is you take the luster from the diamond from inside the cage.
  2. Metal type — You want the diamond to stay securely in place, so the choice of metal is crucial to making that happen. While yellow gold is the more popular option, white gold has more tensile strength. Platinum is another superior option compared to yellow gold. 

The good news is that you can always solicit the recommendations from retail shops when you buy a diamond pendant for a loved one. You may answer some questions that will help narrow down their suggestions. The bottom line is that you will end up with the perfect gift for a loved one.

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