Have a Dull Dating Life? Here’s What You Can Do to Liven It Up!

Posted August 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Do you feel like your dating life is dull, or worse, none existent? Below are some tips on how to make it less dull as well as some guidance on making a dating profile that will actually score you some dates:


This may seem daunting, but if you want to get the ball rolling on finding your soulmate, going on a date only once a month is not going to cut it. Try and go on 1-2 dates a week…this will not only help you get more confident on dates, it’ll get you out of the house. You can’t meet the love of your life if you rarely make the effort to go out.

Already in a relationship? Maybe it’s time to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Plan a date night and make it a special night. A good place and environment will help build up the intensity for a sexy night. Date night is something that you both enjoy doing now, and something that will add that element of surprise to your relationship.

If you are dating, and want a second and third date, don’t wait. Be eager, and put yourself out there to make this dating experience spicy for both of you. People often are interested in someone, but explore other options because the other person took too long to call or text. There are no rules of how to effectively be attracted to someone. The only thing you have to do is reach out and actually try. What do you have to lose?


Experimenting with your look can be a great way to spice up your relationships and alter the way you look at each other. It can also help break the ice and make things more sexual. Your partner or dating partner could decide if they are still attracted to you, or if they are more attracted to you because of the change. 

It’s important that couples start experimenting with their looks. It’s like looking at each other in the same way for years. A new look can make a difference in your relationship and alter the way you see each other. It can also boost confidence on new dates you may find yourself on. Going into a date confident and looking your best is a foolproof way to land more second dates, and spice up your dating life.


It’s rare that sleeping next to someone who has sexy clothes won’t turn sexual. However, if you do not add the necessary spice to your bedroom environment, it can turn sexual frustration into a sexless night. For instance, if you’re not excited about what’s going on in the bedroom, it shows that the spice is missing.

Bringing home someone you are dating is not to be taken lightheartedly. This is your actual first impression. Make it a good one by putting on something a little spicy, and setting the scene. Try lighting candles, adding rose petals to the bed, or even some chocolate. 


Do you often repeat the same foreplay techniques on your partner over and over again? Or even use the same move on each date? This is a common mistake that many men make in their long-term relationships. They assume that their partners are enjoying every moment of sex. 

If you already know that your partner likes oral sex, give it to him or her first. Then, introduce new and unique ways to make him or her feel special before going for a blow job or oral sex. 

If you are not sure about what your date is like, trying bringing it up after a few dates. Sex shouldn’t be shied away from. It is an important factor in a relationship or even dating life, it just shouldn’t be a deciding factor. 

Online Dating Tips

If you’re into online dating, it might feel like your love life is starting to feel stagnant after a while, and you might be considering just giving up.

Free online dating sites are very similar to other forms of social networking. And if you’re wondering which websites or apps you should sign up to go on multiple dates every week, here’s a list of the best hookup sites there are out there.

They allow people to browse through hundreds of profiles and find potential partners or dates without really looking for them. Here’s how to liven up your online dating profile to attract dates.


Take time to improve your photography skills, write a new introduction, and change up your interests. Don’t be boring and show the real you in your profile.

A lot of men initially find a pretty face attractive, but they eventually become attracted to a great personality. For women, a nice face is a bonus, they initially go for what’s inside. So be sure to start that new, spicy, bio in a way that shows the more interesting side of you. 


To expand on earlier points, getting started from scratch is a great way to get back on the radar of paid dating sites. On free ones, it will put you back in the spotlight of paid sites that will attract potential partners.

Dating sites have the tendency to push your profile out to be discovered when it is new, but the attention dwindles after a while. 


When you reach out to someone on a dating site or app, don’t go the easy way. Actually start the message with a question that will hopefully turn into an engaging conversation. Saying something like “you’re cute” isn’t going to cut it, instead start it off with asking a specific question about one of their photos. If they are on the beach, ask where they went on vacation last. Or start the conversation by asking “what was the first CD you ever bought.” Also, it is important to understand the new dating terms so that you will not be left behind with every conversation and can relate to people of other ages. The experts at EQ iris can teach you about Gen Z dating terms, visit here: https://eq.irisdating.com/5-gen-z-dating-terms-and-what-they-mean/

And don’t wait! If you like someone, tell them. Don’t play games by waiting a certain number of hours or days to respond. No one has time for that. And ladies, it’s okay to message him first…

By getting out of your comfort zone, you will surly have better luck dating.