Have You Seen These Frames? A Look at the Hottest Glasses Styles of 2019

Posted September 23, 2019 by in Fashion
Have You Seen These Frames? A Look at the Hottest Glasses Styles of 2019

Picking out a new set of glasses is a complicated process, and there are a lot of factors to consider. What’s going to look good on your face and with your wardrobe? What’s in style these days that works with your overall aesthetic?

There are a lot of glasses styles to choose from, and this fall the styles are hotter than ever. From vintage looks to subtle elegance, the glasses trends this year will look amazing on you, no matter what your gender or personal style.

Read on to discover some of the latest trends in glasses frames and how you can make them work with your look.

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Clear Frames

If you’re looking for sophisticated frames that will go with every outfit, a clear set of frames is the way to go. Clear plastics are sweeping the fashion world this fall, and glasses are no exception. The low profile of these pieces adds a touch of elegance to an outfit without making it look busy 

Clear frames won’t make a big visual pop on your face, so don’t be afraid to go with a larger silhouette. They are amazing on men and women, and you can get a variety of transparent colors if you want to add a subtle hue. If you want to play up your glasses on a certain day, dress in light colors to accent them and let them shine.

clear glasses

Dusted Pink

Dusted pink is the new rose gold in millennial fashion, and glasses are getting on that pink train, too. This color is a soft blush that adds a lovely rosiness to your face without creating any harsh lines. You’ll be able to literally view the world through rose-colored glasses, and the color will be a great refresher for any outfit.

Pink is a fun color no matter how you spin it, and dusted pink glasses frames will add the perfect amount of joie de vivre to your look. You can choose thick or thin frames depending on how much you want to play up the pink in your outfit. They look amazing with greys and other neutrals and pop against light-colored outfits.

dusty pink glasses


Tortoiseshell is back and better than ever! This classic eyeglass pattern has come back around, and it’s easy to see why. The dappled patterning on these frames adds a little visual interest without being too overwhelming or overstated.

Although tortoiseshell frames are certainly available in the classic brown, these days, there are a ton of fun colors to choose from. Get pink, red, orange, gray, or even blue frames with the dappled tortoiseshell pattern. Shop here to find an amazing selection of eyeglasses in tons of tortoiseshell patterns.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Leopard Print

If you’re wanting something a little fiercer than the tortoiseshell pattern, leopard print pattern glasses are for you. This pattern is similar to the tortoiseshell, but it features sharper lines and bolder contrast. These glasses make a statement, perfect for people who need their glasses to be able to keep up with them.

In general, leopard print glasses come in yellow and brown patterns, but why limit yourself?

You can find a huge variety of options, including frames that range towards the more yellow end of things, caramel-colored glasses with rich brown accents, and much more. Play around with different frame styles that will show off the ferocity you expect from your glasses.

leopard glasses

Modern Prints 

If the tortoiseshell and leopard prints are sounding a little old-fashioned for your taste, don’t worry. You can find plenty of frames with bold modern prints, including the marbled look.

Marbled glasses are the modern take on tortoiseshell, blending a gorgeous swirl of colors into a beautiful statement look. These frames tend to be more heavily striped than the animal print glasses, a definition that can look amazing against the wildness of curly hair and oversized clothes. These glasses can also look amazing with simple, crisp outfits, providing a powerful focal point for the look.

glasses with a fun print

Gold Metal

We use the phrase “gold standard” for a reason – gold never goes out of fashion, especially in glasses.

Glasses with thin gold wire frames are all the rage this fall, and we see why. The aesthetic of an oversized sweater in your favorite fall shade layered over charcoal grey pants, suede booties, and thin gold glasses in so autumn we need a PSL stat.

Aviator frames are very popular with this new trend, so mix some vintage in with your modern. You can also go with round frames to get the stylishly bookish look. This is a great look on men and women, so pick your favorite shape and rock it with confidence!

gold framed glasses

Vintage Nude Frames

What’s old is new again, and if the tortoiseshell vibe sounded a little overstated for you, you should check out the vintage nude frames. These strike a perfect balance between the clear frames and the tortoiseshell, providing just enough of a statement to get attention without stealing the show.

The amber-tinted nude frames will serve as a callback to the styles of the seventies and eighties, which can look amazing paired with modern fashion trends. They look amazing on all skin tones, and because they’re a neutral color, they work with every outfit.

70s glasses

The glasses you choose are a huge part of your personal style. They’re going to be your most constant accessory, so you should pick glasses styles you love. No matter what your fashion taste, there are trendy glasses styles to match.

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