Health And The Night Out: How to Stay Safe and Hangover Free

Posted February 9, 2017 by in Lifestyle

Everyone loves a good night out on the town, a time to relax and let loose with friends after a hard week or month of work. But there are countless issues to your health that you should try to avoid. Your health is always important, and when drunk it can be hard to remember that and do some silly things you’ll regret moments later, or not have your guard up as you should.

Here are some tips that can help you stay healthy on the well loved night out:

Drink From Bottles Only

Try your best to do this because it can stop someone spiking your drink. Spiking has become more prominent over the last few years and you could end up seriously injured if spiked with drugs. There are products which can help you, like spikeys, but your best defence is you. Be diligent. Don’t put your drink down and look away, keep it in your hand at all times and try to be aware regarding what’s going on.

Your friends will look out for eachother, true, but sometimes that isn’t enough in today’s world. It can be hard staying aware when you are drunk, but by using a bottle and keeping it close you can pretty much nullify all but the most determined of threats.

Don’t Mix Drinks

Nobody wants to end up throwing up at the end of a night out, so try to avoid mixing drinks. Mixing a Bailey’s based drink with something fizzy will definitely upset your tummy. Champagne and beer? Avoid at all costs!

Predict The Hangover

If you know you have something important to get done the following day try to limit the effects of the hangover. There are pills that can help you do this, but if you don’t like doing that try drinking water in between alcoholic drinks. You can also make sure you eat some food when you get in from a night out to soak up some of the alcohol. Food before you start drinking can also be a good way of limiting the effects of the hangover.

Stay With Someone

There is safety in numbers, so make sure you stick with your friends and don’t get left behind for whatever reason. If you do, take the longer safer route than the shorter uncertain one. This applies for your route home too. Either designate a driver or try to secure a ride. If you have to use a taxi then get into it with one of your friends.

What are your favorite things to do when you go out with friends? I personally love going salsa dancing!