Healthy, Entertaining & Tasty Treats For Your Beloved Dog

Posted January 6, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Dogs are the most friendly, excitable, and utterly joyous companions of them all, and they give back to their owners just as much, if not more than they receive. 

As well as unbridled love, affection and intellectual stimulation, another crucial element of looking after your pampered pooch is to ensure that you feed them exactly the right foods and quantities to maintain your dog’s natural levels of physical and emotional health and fitness levels. 

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the most healthy, entertaining, and tasty treats for your beloved dog. 

Person feeding cute dog a treat

  1. Bake Your Own!

Homemade doggie treats are by far the best for your cherished furry friend and are also somewhat kind to your bank balance at the same time. 

Everything you need to make delicious homemade dog treats can be found in your local superstore, and it would be an excellent idea to bulk buy such ingredients to maximize your savings. Be sure to find a good a recipe that is safe for your pet.

  1. Never Buy Processed Treats From The Pet Store

You will undoubtedly have seen and even bought one of the copious packets of factory-made and processed treats for dogs that cost next to nothing. These ‘treats’ are not only exceedingly unhealthy, but the high levels of sugar and stodgy, bulky content can cause your dog stomach problems and even lead to more serious infections. 

If you ever suspect that your dog may have ingested something that is causing them pain, discomfort or making them behave unusually in any way, it is important to contact a professional and established vet, such as the fantastic Pet Nest Animal Hospital, and make an appointment as soon as possible. 

Obviously, not all treats for dogs in pet stores are detrimental to their bodies; buying an untreated, natural bone or pig’s ear is still an excellent treat for your dog, which also helps maintain good dental health. 

  1. Plain & Cooked Chicken, Beef Or Ham

Cooked, sliced cold meats such as chicken, beef, and ham make for a delicious and extremely natural meal additive or healthy snack for your beloved pet dog, and the beauty of it is, when making the dinner for your family, you can simply set aside some of the rougher cuts for your dog. 

Lean and cooked chicken has a host of benefits to your dog’s digestive system, including:

  • Chicken is a fantastic source of energy 
  • Chicken will help your dog build lean muscle mass 
  • Chicken provides important high quantities of omega 7 fatty acids
  • Chicken is a fantastic source of amino acids which are vital for your dog’s health
  1. Carrots

It is not just bunny rabbits that enjoy munching on fresh, raw carrots as part of the daily balanced diet, and most dogs absolutely adore carrots as a tasty treat or meal addition. 

Feeding your beloved pooch a few clean and fresh carrots will benefit them in many ways, predominantly due to the copious amounts of various vitamins and minerals that carrots contain. 

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