Healthy Lifestyle Trends: Free Yourself from Alcohol Dependency in 2020

Posted October 30, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
Healthy Lifestyle Trends: Free Yourself from Alcohol Dependency

Whether you like it or not, 2020 is right around the corner. Each new year should come with a new your, that’s why many chose to have a New Year’s Resolution. Most resolutions have to do with health: cut down on meat, cut down on sweets, cut down on cigarettes, and for some, cut down on alcohol.

Due to this, it’s no surprise that many people search the phrase ‘find any outpatient drug rehab near me’ on Google. It’s actually one of the most popular Google searches in January. Many feel they need help to cut or limit their drinking because it’s the easiest ways to drop pounds. Weight loss is another popular Google search in January.

If you are always reaching for a glass of wine after work, or going a little too hard on the weekends, you may want to consider going sober in 2020. You should be sober-curious if any of the below things resonate with you:

You’re No Longer the “Funny Drunk Friend” for everyone but a “Drunk Friend” for everybody

This happens slowly. You may realize that people no longer laugh when you do something like peeing your pants close to a police car and then roll your eyes at the nearby police officer.

You Have Been Doing the Same Job for the Past Four Years and You Don’t Have Hope for an Escape

This is what the rise of sober curious is precisely about. Many people want to quit drinking alcohol. But, life has a way of getting them drunk. Sober curious is about questioning the drinking culture and its effects on humans.

You No Longer Want to Keep Waking up with Bad Hangovers that Makes You Feel like you are in Your 50s with 3 Kids in College and an Failing Marriage

“Suddenly adult” is a common hangover effect for people with a drinking problem. This is when a person gets hungover while drinking. This is not particularly healthy in any way.

You Are on the Insurance Paid by Your Parent Because You Can’t Afford Yours

You’ve probably seen or known that alcohol was used to treat injuries in the past. So, why have insurance when twenty-five minutes are more than enough to finish a sangria bottle?

You Are Poor like Anybody Else

Nobody can afford a regular drinking habit. That’s true. You probably got drunk last time playing a Rock Band. You might have thought that hurling the guitar to the TV may have seemed funny. Unfortunately, you ended up spending a whopping $600 on its replacement later.

You Expect to Buy a Hot Tub Filled with Good Vodka for about $15

Costco has fueled your alcoholism. It might partly be the reason you will soon be searching ‘best outpatient rehab near me’ online if you don’t quit drinking. This article is not sponsored by the Kirkland brand vodka. If that was the case, I would be bathing in vodka.

You No Longer Enjoy the Look You Get from Your Dog while Dragging the Drunk You to the Bed 

You get a look that means, “Your drinking doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m just happy to know that your leftover have been taken out.”

You Enjoy Dressing up the Dog for Funny Snaps 

It’s no longer “I’m drunk and love my dog”. Now, it’s “I’m about to be that cat lady” quickly.

You’ve added 15lbs within 3 Years and Your Only Explanation is “Anxiety Whiskey”

Thanks. Let’s just leave it there and move on.

But, it’s a New Year and Getting Messed Up is Your Right. After all, it Masks Political Depression

America looks damn beautiful when looked through an empty bottle of wine.

You Said Hello to Wine before Greeting Your Grandma the Last Time You Arrived Home for the Holidays

Free wine is not always available. And you’ve known your grandma for almost your entire life. So, free booze comes first at least once.

You Reached your Limit at 4 pm but Decided to Find a New Limit this Year

There should be new things for the New Year. So, you need a new limit for a New Year. It can go down or up. But, most of the time it goes up.

You Only Have Your Dog to Kiss Late at Night and You Don’t Hate It

The list might be getting depressing. Well, maybe the title of this article should change to something like ‘Reasons to Continue Truckin’ in the New Year.’

You No Longer Avoid Phone Calls from Parents  Mid-Afternoon on Sunday (I mean…boozy brunch)

“The priest put something a little extra in church wine”. This could be working severally for you. But, you have a way to get off the hook to convince your mom that you attended a church service.

But, the Church Can’t Save You at this Point

You’ve messed up for the last two years. In some cases, it may have been warranted while in others, it may have not. Well, this might be the time to Google ‘outpatient treatment near me’ because you need it.

Your Doctor Asked Questions About Your Alcohol Consumption and You Lied

This may have felt unfair with your mom in the room because of insurance. So, you were like, ‘do you expect me to tell you that I drink most nights of the week?’

You No Longer go to Bars to Meet New People but Sit Alone Quietly

Research shows that social isolation is a prediction for problematic alcohol consumption among adults. But, you’re not the only one doing this. So, trying to recall a friend you thought was cute back in high school and stalking them on social media while drinking is very common.

You Got Nervous when Pulled Over because You Had Drank A little More that Night

This happens to almost everybody that drinks a little more. It could be a real reason to cut down.

Well, there are many reasons to embrace trends in a healthy lifestyle. If your drinking habit is making you lose control over your life, it’s the right time to Google ‘outpatient alcohol rehab near me’ and get assistance immediately.

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