Helpful Hacks for Saving Money on Gift Giving

Posted June 30, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping
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Gift giving can be an amazing experience, especially thinking of something extra special for those you love. Nevertheless, it can also be a troublesome endeavor when you’re perhaps short on cash at the moment, or you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Especially when lots of birthdays or occasions fall in the same month, knowing how to save money on gifts is extra helpful. Here’s how:

how to save money on gift giving

Don’t Spend Too Much on Gift Wrap 

It’s tempting to want to spend extra on wrapping, cards and tags, because this is the first thing the recipient will see. However, this is money wasted, as the wrapping will only end up being thrown out after it’s torn open. 

You can still have a nice and attractive piece of wrapping which is simple and which doesn’t cost a fortune. Even a simple layer of tissue paper which is in the recipient’s favorite color may be appreciated just as much as extensive (and expensive) wrapping with all the extra bells and whistles.

Consider Homemade Gifts

Gifts are about the thought, not the expense. If you’re a crafty person who loves making extra-special homemade items, then think about what you could make as a gift, with materials you already have lying around, or items you can buy for half the price of a store-bought gift. 

Ideas include: 

  • Home furnishings, such as homemade quilts or pillows 
  • Knitting 
  • Painting a picture or making something decorative on a canvas 
  • A homemade photo album with the best snaps 
  • Or, if you’re a great baker, why not try making some sweet treats?

Think About Quality 

If you enjoy buying gifts instead of making them, then you want to ensure that your money isn’t wasted on a low-quality gift. It’s important to shop around to look for leading suppliers or stores for the gift in question, so you eliminate any defects or problems down the line. You don’t want your gift to be wasted or risk being thrown out if it doesn’t work; therefore, quality is always key to make your investment worth it. 

For example, if shopping for quality cigars and accessories for the smoker in your life, then you’ll want to try places such as Cigar Cutter Expert. Cuban cigars will be the best gift for your smoking lover friend, as they are known as the best ones in the cigar industry. So, if you want to surprise choosing bolivar cigars is the right choice. For any foodie lovers, you’ll want reputable brands so that any kitchen gadgets or items are built to last. For home furnishings or decorative items, you want dependably and strong built items rather than cheap materials. These are just a few examples!

Plan Ahead 

Last-minute gift buying is what leads to spending more than you have to — not only on a last-minute gift, but perhaps paying extra for faster shipping if you’ve ordered online, too. 

Thinking way ahead of time for gifts means that you have more time to shop around. It also means you can check out sales and discounts ahead of time, to grab your gift at a discounted price. Even if this is bought in a sale several months ahead of the occasion, at least it’s done and paid for (at a cheaper price!). 

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