Helping Children Choose Rewarding Careers

Posted December 27, 2022 by in Career
high school student laying her head on books in a library

How can parents help their kids choose the right careers? It’s not about forcing a youngster into a field but more focused on assisting them with the process. One way to give them an early boost is to cover at least some of the expenses associated with attending a four-year program that leads to a degree. Other opportunities to open their minds include taking them to career fairs, participating in “Bring your children to work” events, and making a connection with their high school’s guidance counselor to get some professional advice. Consider the following suggestions about how to guide your children into worthwhile, satisfying careers.

High school student carrying books

Covering the Cost of College

It’s much easier for graduates to pursue their job-related goals when they are not burdened by an immediate obligation to repay college loans. That’s just one of the reasons college loans for parents are trending in the 2020s. When you make the decision to assist with some or all of your child’s educational expenses, you’re giving them more room to explore various paths after they obtain four-year degrees or graduate diplomas. Taking out a PPL (Private Parent Loan) in your name is a smart way to get a low rate and beneficial terms that a young borrower would not be able to get.

Career Fairs

Don’t overlook the chance to attend career fairs with your college-age sons and daughters. Youngsters will appreciate your presence at the events, and you can get a better feel for how the job market has changed since you were in school. If you reside in a medium-sized or large metro area, there are plenty of opportunities to visit fairs that focus on one or more particular fields, like finance, accounting, non-profit jobs, healthcare, etc.

Take Kids to Work Events

For more than 50 years, companies in every industry have been sponsoring at least one day per year when children are welcome to spend a morning or afternoon with their mothers or fathers. Usually, there are no age limits for youngsters, but kids who get the most out of the events range from seven and up. Don’t limit their activities to following you around all day. Instead, help them explore various jobs within the company, and be sure to explain to them what each person does and how important it is to work together.

Guidance Counselors

High school guidance counselors are underused by students and parents. That’s too bad because these professionals possess the training and knowledge to explain career options to youngsters in an informative, non-pressurized way. They have access to a vast database of updated information about pay rates, fields in which there are shortages, trending job categories, and more. What can you do? 

Make sure your high school student books at least three sessions with a counselor. You might want to attend at least one of the meetings if possible. Encourage your child to take notes or record the discussion as long as the counselor agrees. Follow up on any areas or career paths your daughters or sons find interesting. Then, guide them toward an appropriate college and major that can lead to success in their chosen field.