Here Are the Most Popular iPhone Accessories

Posted March 18, 2021 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping

Nowadays, having a smartphone is more than just a matter of choice. In this tiny device, everybody carries the most important information about themselves. In a few taps on the cell phone screen, we have our financial information, important work emails, and apps that help us to do lots of everyday activities. Therefore, taking care of this device is a simple way to take care of our own lives.

If you have an iPhone, one of the most highly regarded cell phone models, you should be aware of the importance of the featured accessories. It has different functions, such as physical protection and customization, as well as differentiation from other cell phones. Currently, there are different accessories to answer the consumer demands — and it all does its job.


One of the most popular cell phone accessories, the cases are wrappers used around the telephone to protect it from impact, like falls and crashes, besides scratches, resulting from everyday use, and dust or other types of dirt.

Although most of the current cell phone models have rounded edges, this design does not protect the device from impact. To solve this problem, the cases contain raised rubber edges or another type of feature to protect this part.

The cases, both for the iPhone and other smartphone models, can be made of silicon, leather or different types of plastic, like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC). 

These materials are light and thin, made to fit well in the cell phone buttons and facilitate use. Some materials, like leather, also allow the phone to be charged normally in wireless chargers.

More than just protection, the cases also offer the possibility to customize your iPhone, either with your favorite color or pattern or with really customizable models.


Practical for those who do not like to carry their cell phone and wallet everywhere, the iPhone wallets are cardholders that fit in the cases with the use of magnets. It is usually made of flexible leather in different colors, so you can choose the one that fits better with your case and your personality.

The wallet also holds up to three standard cards, which is great for everyday use and quick trips, such as going to the pharmacy, cafés or bakeries. An important detail is that the iPhone wallets are made with a protection that does not allow cards to demagnetize.

However, it is important to check, after a long time of use, whether the leather of the wallet has sagged, to ensure that the cards will always fit well in there.


Another kind of convenient accessory for iPhones and other smartphone models, the sleeves are tiny bags that only accommodate the device. As the design is always the same, choosing the material color is the main way to customize the accessory.

Just as the cases, the sleeves also protect the iPhone from impact, scratch and dust, and adjust to the device’s curves without adding volume. Still, the sleeves can play the role of both case and wallets, because, inside the sleeve, there’s usually a tiny pocket where you can keep your card.

This accessory comes with a tiny hand strap, so you can carry it easily. Due to this functionality, it’s frequently used in hurry moments of everyday life and when travelling, a situation in which people need to carry their phones everywhere and protect them from loss or theft.

The sleeves’ material is usually high quality flexible leather, that shows exactly the iPhone design. It also allows the phone to be charged normally in wireless chargers.

On the other hand, as time goes by, the leather can present creases and smudges or denote an aged tone. For those who care too much about the appearance of the accessories, it may not be a good choice.

Wireless Chargers

Convenient and helpful, the wireless chargers are the perfect accessories to people who have a busy routine and need to charge the iPhone frequently and quickly. The Apple fast wireless charger models present a magnetic alignment, ideal for it to fit perfectly to the iPhone and charge the device faster until 15W.

The wireless charger usually can recharge different models of iPhone and AirPods with wireless charging cases. It also comes with an integrated USB-C cable with one meter length, which can be connected to a notebook or another power source.