Here Are The Top Five Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka

Posted September 23, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Sri Lanka is a beautiful and sublime place for tourists to explore. This article will discuss the five best Sri Lanka Luxury Hotels for tourists to visit.

 It is a good time to travel and explore the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, boasting shining blue waters, oodles of exotic flora, fauna & food, magnificent beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites and 7 verdant tea plantations. Hence, there are many places to explore with many affordable and excellent hotels with restaurants, which is also a good thing to stay with exotic tastes.

 UGA Escapes in Sri Lanka offers some of the most luxurious and distinctive hotels, for complete rejuvenation and promising ecological sustainability.

 They blend the cultural magic of the island, embrace the natural wonders, and help people experience new things that enrich their souls, minds, and bodies. Each hotel of UGA Escapes in Sri Lanka has a spa and wellness center, and offers a modern expectation of comfort. The hotels boasts signature dining experiences made from locally sourced ingredients. Hotels are situated amidst beaches and jungle coverage offer tourists the best nature of sea and land.

 Five Best Luxury Hotels of UGA Escapes in Sri Lanka

1. UGA Bay

 UGA bay, is a luxury beach hotel, located in Sri Lanka on the picturesque beach stretch of Pasikuda. This hotel is stunning architecturally, With hints of Mediterranean elegance, coastal charm, and tropical simplicity. People staying at the UGA Bay hotel experience unique private dining, thriller water activities and sports, and an underground spa with Balinese therapists.

 This hotel is situated on a private beach, untouched about 3 kilometers from the area. People have spectacular experiences there at the best rates, hotels also offer many exclusive discounts to people, and if people by chance cannot come, they can cancel their booking free.

2. UGA Residence

Uga Residence is a Colombo based luxury hotel in Sri Lanka. This boutique hotel was built by a wealthy barrister Sheikh Saleboy Moosajee in the 19th century. It is situated in the middle of the tranquil lakeside of the Buddhist temple (Gangarama) and the shady park. Uga Residence is considered one of the most tranquil Colombo boutique properties to stay in.

This hotel offers tourists the opportunity to explore the buzzing commercial heart of Sri Lanka and is the perfect secluded spot from which to start one’s tour. This hotel has the best restaurant, bar, large whisky collection, and kitchen. This large hotel is located in the centre of the city.

3. UGA Chena Huts

Uga Chena Huts hotel is situated amongst the lush greenery and golden dunes inyala Sri Lanka. This hotel is a blend of Sri Lanka’s exotic wildlife and tropical beaches. It is located in a unique location around the bordering of the Indian Ocean, The Yala National Park, and Natural Watering Hole.

This hotel has been designed with Saline Lake and tropical jungles in mind. People or tourist have their pool in their cabin (133 sq ft.), experiences personalized safaris, seascape, and wilderness. This hotel has 14 luxury cabins on 7 acres of land where people ensure privacy and seclusion. 

4. UGA Ulagalla Anuradhapura

UGA Ulagalla has a touch of traditional aristocracy and elegance. This hotel offers a secluded environment, drizzled with luxury amidst nature and ancient heritage. This Anuradhapura hotel is a sprawling 58 acre lush green garden and has a 150-year-old mansion in the centre. This hotel has historical significance with cultural heritage, perfect for those who love to explore the past.

This hotel is 30 minutes away from the Sacred City UNESCO world heritage site. People can experience organic rice harvesting, outdoor dining, and local festivals here. Authentic experiences include tuk-tuk tours, archery, kite making, village cycle tour, horseback riding, etc.

5. UGA Jungle Beach

Uga Jungle beach is situated in Trincomalee city. This hotel offers people sightseeing opportunities and adventure activities. Guests can explore numerous attractions, the eastern coast of the island, partake in spa treatments, or simply relax.

 People can choose various room views like the lagoon view, jungle view, or beach view rooms. In addition, people can experience the best chefs’ serving authentic Sri Lankan fare on the east coast here. This beach hotel has large 650 sq ft villas with modern facilities.

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