Here Comes the Bride! 5 of the Best Cruises for Your Wedding in 2020

Posted January 7, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Are you planning to marry your fiancée this year? Do you want the event to be special and out of the ordinary? Then perhaps a unique venue like a cruise ship is what you are looking for. 

One of the best things about cruise weddings is they are cost-effective. For starters, you can find cruise wedding packages for under $2,000. Not only do you get a venue for the ceremony, but you can also have your honeymoon in the ship thereafter.

This means you don’t need to spend much on post-ceremony logistics. You also get to conserve your energy since you don’t need to move to another destination. But the more important question is what are the best cruises for a wedding this year?

Continue reading below as we give you five options that are worth considering:

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Why Go Cruising?

There are several advantages you can enjoy from cruise or yacht weddings. Apart from being cost-effective, cruise weddings also provide breathtaking backdrops. Some destinations may give you that beautiful sunset. But a sunset coupled with the open water and its breeze is very hard to top.

Moreover, you and your guests have access to different onboard activities. Some ships even have themes depending on the destination and the season.

When it comes to managing your budget, some of the best cruises for a wedding offer all-in packages. They offer food, beverages, transportation, and even hotel services in the total cost.

As for your guests, they can also extend their stay and enjoy their vacation on the ship. If you wish to invite guests who do not have the budget to go on a cruise, some ships accommodate non-sailing guests for the ceremony.

Additionally, cruise ships have in-house photographers ready to capture those precious moments. Another fantastic option is booking your wedding on a luxury yacht charter.  

The Best Cruises for a Wedding

There are several cruise ships that accommodate wedding ceremonies. But some stand out from the rest. Here are five, in no particular order, that you should include on your shortlist:

  1. Celebrity Cruises

If you are looking for a great mix of luxury and fun, this is the cruise for you. Celebrity Cruises offers wedding packages with all the works. Their packages come with a welcome reception, cigar and whiskey parties, and tea service.

Moreover, they offer room for a customized wedding theme. It doesn’t matter if you want a legal ceremony or a symbolic affair. They even accept same-sex weddings.

As for the packages, they have the “Nautical Nuptials at Sea.” It comes with an event coordinator, an hour of photography, and live music. You also get a wedding cake, a bouquet, and a bottle of champagne. 

To complement the champagne, the package also comes with some strawberries draped in chocolate, two champagne flutes, and robes for the couple. Additionally, expect fresh rose petals on your bed. 

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line

Like Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line also caters to legal and same-sex ceremonies. But the highlight of the cruise is the broad wedding packages it offers. The “Wedding at Sea” ceremony comes with a 6-inch wedding cake, a boutonniere, sparkling wine, a bridal bouquet, and a champagne toast.

You also get an hour’s worth of photos and dinner for two during the cruise. There is a group service coordinator who will oversee the ceremony from start to finish. 

If you wish to hold the ceremony at select ports of call while onboard, go for the “Harborside” package. Some of the ports include Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. 

Flexibility is another plus for Norwegian Cruise Line. They give you the option to add more flowers; use the spa and other beauty services; and enjoy an open bar, to name a few.

  1. Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean is one of the best go-to options for many reasons. You get three options to choose from: the “Vows at Sea” package, the “Embark on Romance” package, and the “Intimately Yours” package. 

Vows at Sea comes with a wedding planner, coordinator, and onboard ceremony. It also features a photographer, a three-tier cake, and music throughout the event. You also get a dinner for two in a specialty restaurant. The package also gifts the couple some choco-covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne, and breakfast in bed.

Embark on Romance lets you hold the ceremony onboard during embarkation day at the port. This means guests who do not wish to sail with you can join the wedding rites. 

But if you wish to accommodate a smaller crowd, then Intimately Yours is what you want. This is Royal Caribbean’s basic package. It caters to 10 guests max but comes with similar features as the first two.

  1. Disney Cruise Line

Do you have kids with your partner? Or perhaps you simply love Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang? Then try the Disney Cruise Line for that magical experience.

It is one of the quirkiest options out there. Likewise, it is also one of the fun and low-stress packages available. 

Apart from the fresh floral options, the “Fairy Tale Weddings” package comes with a pianist, a champagne toast, and a wedding cake. You also get a commemorative wedding certificate from Disney.

You also receive $100 stateroom credits and dinner at Palo. Best of all, a coordinator and officiant will be on top of things from start to finish. 

  1. Carnival Cruise Line

Last but not least is the Carnival Cruise. This caters mostly to younger couples looking for a fun and spirited wedding cruise. The cruise features two packages: “Our Love Story Begins” and “Island Breeze.” The first one comes with a private ceremony venue, a bottle of sparkling wine, and priority check-in.  You also get a tiered wedding cake, decor, music, and a photographer.

During the honeymoon, you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two. You also get some strawberries drenched on chocolate.

Meanwhile, the Island Breeze package comes with similar features as the first package. But the difference is in the location, as it is the Carnival’s on-island option. 

You can have the ceremony in a garden or by the beach. The package also covers transportation for the couple. However, you will have to pay extra for the guests’ transportation.

Have you ever been invited to a wedding on a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below!