Here’s A Great Tool to Sculpt Your Best Assets

Posted May 25, 2021 by in Beauty

Everyone nowadays wants an amazing booty. Some people have tried squats, various workout routines and some have even resorted to surgery in the form of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). 

But now there is actually a tool that you can use at home. You can do the process by yourself quickly and easily as often as you like, although the best results come from daily use.

You’ve heard of gua sha for the face, but now you can experience its healing and aesthetic benefits for your behind thanks to the gua sha tool from Bawdy

Woman using a gua sha tool for her body.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is an ancient therapy technique that originated in South East Asia and has been passed down from generation to generation. It involves gently moving a sculpted tool (made of a precious stone) over the skin in deliberate movements. 

By moving the stone carefully over your skin you increase blood flow to that particular area. This can help with pain management, inflammation and cellulite. The increased blood flow can also help to smooth your skin as well as sculpt.

How Does This Tool Work?

In order to get the most out of this gua sha tool, it is best to use a small amount of oil or body moisturizer. This will allow the stone to glide gently over your skin without causing any redness or irritation.

Then move the tool along your skin in an upward motion starting under your cheek and upward. This will create the lifting movement. Be careful not to press too hard.

This gua sha tool is specifically designed for the booty, creating an L shape, allowing you the best results. Repeat the movement over the same area a few times for maximum effect.

This sculpting tool is made from agate, specifically chosen to be harmonizing and calming.

Hygiene and Care

Keeping the tool clean is easy, all you need is a bit of soap and water. This will ensure that it is always free of any bacteria. Clean both before and after use.

For an additional cooling effect, you can store the tool in the fridge, the coolness will then add to the pleasurable experience. Otherwise simply store in a cool place.

The stone is very fragile so be very gentle when using it. It may smash if dropped.

Gua sha is a very well-known facial technique popular all over the world, but gua sha is also a great tool for shaping and sculpting your assets! The stone’s soothing properties will both create a great shaped booty as well as help to calm and cool your skin.

If you have particularly sensitive skin anywhere then it is best to apply a thicker layer of moisturizer (or oil) to reduce the friction between your skin and the stone. This will still give you fantastic results but it will reduce any redness that you may have.

Use the tool daily to see amazing results and a beautifully scultped behind!