Here’s How to Avoid a Bad Haircut

Posted January 24, 2014 by in Beauty

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We spend hours shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, trying on multiple pairs until we find that dream heel. Why shouldn’t you do the same for your hair stylist? We’ve all been victims of bad haircuts. Unfortunately, ten minuets into sitting in the salon chair you can sense whether or not your stylist knows what he or she is doing…but it’s too late.


According to New York City stylist, James Joyce:

Just because they passed their board test to get their license, doesn’t mean they know how to cut or color hair. That license just shows they can follow state sanitation laws.

Beat the system by giving your potential stylist an interview. Not only do you want a great haircut, you want a great personality cutting your hair as well. If your hairstylist hurts you, is rude, too rough or just plain cold and unfriendly, your hair cut is just going to be bad.


Above: Don’t let this be you.

“Interview your new potential stylist by making an appointment for a blow-out instead of a haircut” says Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week stylist, Sharon Robles. If you get bad vibes from the stylist, or your blow-out isn’t smooth and frizz free, he/she isn’t the one you want to have scissors near your precious locks.


For your blow-out, bring in a picture of what you want, (pin straight, soft waves — celebs are your best bet), and test your stylist’s skills by seeing how well they can match it. If they can’t follow your photo, they won’t be able to follow a haircut. Just be realistic. Celebs have extension filled heads, and your stylist can’t grow length or volume if your hair is short and fine.

Sound too expensive? Don’t worry. Try a salon that’s having a $25 blow-out special, or even have the salon apprentice do it. Remember, if your stylist seems uncomfortable and awkward doing a basic blow-out, they are more than likely to be even worse with shears in their hand.

They passed the test if you’re left with smooth, frizz free, volumized hair! Lastly, “interview” the actual salon as well. Was it clean? Were the employees professional? If you’re happy, make your haircut appointment before you even leave the salon!

Lauren is rocking a perfect blow-out. Happy interviewing!

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