Here’s How to Make a Sound Investment on a Kitchen Faucet

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Decor

The variety of kitchen faucets available in the market in terms of materials and finishes makes the process of selection overwhelming. The first step in the perfect faucet selection for your kitchen is to ensure that it properly fits. Finding the correct size for the sink is one of the trickiest parts. Getting a faucet that lasts you long will be the best investment of a lifetime. Hence, there are a few areas to consider before analyzing the different options in the market. 

Looks Are Not Everything

People get swayed away by the looks of the faucet. The same goes for kitchen faucets. However, it is nothing but a mistake. The appeal is significant, but the most vital area is functionality and dependability. The more convenient Bristan kitchen taps are, the better it is for you. You have to choose the practical option that suits your budget and comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Some retailers will show you multiple options for you to select. Hence, you have to learn about these before choosing one. 

Spend Time and Effort

You have to spend your time understanding the different options of kitchen faucets. There are hundreds and thousands of alternatives before you. A great faucet does not cost you much but is of desirable quality. Hence, spending more on a reliable option is never a mistake. You can pay a little extra for added features apart from style and reliability. Ensure that the faucet’s durability is well-established and comes from a reputable manufacturer. When looking for a faucet, look for the reach and spout height, the number of holes it has, whether a multiple or a single handle one, and much more. 

The Reach and Spout Height

Faucets vary in terms of reach and height. If you are swayed away by the looks of the faucet, it will be a mistake. You have to look at the height of the faucet and the way it will look on the sink. You can go for a tall spout but ensure that it fits well. If you have a three-bowl sink, a short faucet will be best. On the other hand, a bath faucet with a short reach will be beneficial for a large sink. 

Look for Ceramic Valves

Nobody likes a dripping faucet. If you are one of them, choose the one that has a ceramic valve. Although you have other types that are drip-free ceramic valves have no alternative. They will assure you of long-term durability and reliability. These faucets are cost-effective and available in different sizes. More so, ceramic valves are ideal for any sink length and any style of kitchen. 

Toughness and Finish

Kitchens combine different elements. The list never ends from the towel bar to cabinet hardware and the counter. Hence, selecting a finish that matches all this is a tricky affair. Always remember that mismatch does not look good. If you are planning to replace the hardware, you have to choose a faucet with an attractive finish. There are multiple alternatives in the market, including satin nickel, polished chrome, bronze finish, and others. All these options are durable and keep up their quality for years. If you want something attractive and reliable, these options will be best. 

You will find these faucets in public bathrooms and commercial kitchens because of their toughness and durability. Polished chrome is one of the most reliable finishes and is effortlessly available. Moreover, it’s easy to clean them, and they are always a favorite among the commercial sector. 

On the other hand, nickel finishes are satin, stainless steel, or brushed. They have a dull shine but are durable at the same time. More so, the finish is prone to water spots and fingerprints and a bit hard to clean. Hence, you might have a tough time maintaining this. On the whole, the nickel finish faucet is attractive and durable. 

Look at the Holes in Your Sink

Yes, when you switch from the earlier faucet to a new one, you have to look at the diversity of holes your sink has. If you look at a popular kitchen sink faucet, they come with three holes, one below the spout, one for cold water, and the other for hot water. Some handle faucets come with a cover plate for hiding extra holes. But there are other options which don’t. Hence, you have to check the labels before selecting the faucet. The bathroom faucets are ideal for two handles, whereas those with short reach are best for single handle models. 

Look For a Pull-Down Sprayer

Kitchens that have side sprayers have often witnessed leaks or dribbles. If you are one of them, you have to look for a faucet that comes with a mounted sprayer. These are the best option because they do not drip and are long-lasting. Experts believe that pull-down sprayers are much more reliable than side sprayers. 

Measure Faucet Center

If the current setup of the faucet has more holes, you have to measure the distance to avoid making the wrong choice. For ensuring proper fitting of the new tap, you must have these measurements ready. If the faucet does not fit well, you might have to encounter dripping problems and further drainage issues. 

Check the Surrounding Area

If the faucet is close to the wall, you must measure the distance between the mounting hole and the wall. It will ensure maximum basin depth that gives support to the faucet. If your kitchen has cabinets or windows above the sink, you must measure upward to find the maximum height. More so, you require professionals to fit the faucet comfortably and ensure that there is no gap. You must get the ideal spout reach by measuring the mounting hole from the center and seeing that it matches the sink. 

Now that you know so much about faucets and sinks, you can already choose the best option. Remember that faucets from reputable manufacturers are long-lasting and worthy of your investment. Choose as per your budget and requirement to crack the best deal.