Here’s How to Make Your Office Space Work for You

Posted April 6, 2019 by in Career

Whether you’ve finally managed to escape the rat race and you’re now working for home, you’ve been working remotely for as long as you can remember, or you just need to get a lot of studying done due to a big exam coming up, you can never underestimate the power of a good workspace.

Sometimes the kitchen counter top or the sofa just won’t cut it! With distractions, the mess, clutter and the disorganization, setting up for work in the middle of your busy home is a sure fire way for you productivity levels to sit firmly at zero. You need somewhere for all your files, your paperwork, your stationary and your computer equipment – compatible ink cartridges are cheapest at printer ink website, click the link to find out more – not forgetting good support for your back and room to think! So, what’s the alternative? 

When we have an online business, getting our first office can be the thing we’ve been waiting for for years since it shows our hard work has paid off. With move-in ready office space for rent in Houston, you can find an office within days, allowing you to get started on your new journey of becoming an even more efficient and successful business owner.

For most people the biggest joy of reaching this far is the opportunity of being able to make their vision come true by choosing the appropriate decor for their new office.

Here you’ll find some super simple ways that you can make a home office space that works for you and your needs: 

Find the Right Place

If you have the luxury of a spare room available to you, then you need to make the most of it. If you don’t have a room waiting for you then don’t worry. Your main goal is to set up an area where you are least likely to be distracted, so choose a place in your house that is minimal with traffic and usually free of distractions. Such as your bedroom or even your dining room. 

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Make Sure There is Plenty of Light

One of the biggest aesthetic complaints that plaque office workers is the lighting situation. Office lighting is often too harsh and almost clinical, with many office workers not having the luxury of a window or any natural light.

So, when you set up your place of work make sure you have a nice window and plenty of natural light filtering in. Sunlight is a natural mood booster and it’s good for us both mentally and physically. The window will also serve as a nice distraction for when you’re taking a break from your screen.

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Say No to Clutter

In a working environment, clutter is a big no-no! Clutter is stressful and makes any office space feel unorganized. It also affects productivity too. So, make sure that your workspace is free of old bits of paper, old documents that are no longer needed, broken pens the kids toys, old mugs and plates from yesterday’s lunch etc. Try to keep it clean and organized.

Invest in a Good Chair

Sometimes, sitting at a screen all day is inevitable. So, you’re going to need some good back support to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Investing in a good office chair is an absolute must. Home Office Furniture Sydney recommend going for something adjustable and with ergonomic principals. Your back and your posture will thank you for it!

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Hello Nature!

Greenery is calming and filling your workspace with plenty of it is a sure fire way to help you reduce your stress levels and even lower your blood pressure. Treat yourself to some real or fake potted plants and your workspace will look nice and homely too!

Want to make an office space that works for you? Read this first

If you’re struggling with productivity in your current ‘work from home’ setup, then consider the above tips to create an oasis for you to do your best work.