Here’s How to Select the Right Food for Your Canine Friend

Posted May 26, 2022 by in Lifestyle

All the pet parents have a special place in their hearts for their canine friends and for all the right reasons.

When everyone else is busy in their own personal lives, you will find your doggo waiting for you all day long. After an exhausting day, they will run towards you as soon as you come back, wag their cute furry tail, and jump on your lap. The best feeling ever, right!

But do you know giving them the wrong foods can lead to life-threatening illnesses like pancreatitis, reduced immunity, obesity, and even diabetes? So, if you want to feed your furry friend with the right food, follow these tips.

Woman hugging her dachshund dog

1. Identify primary nutrients

Before buying any dog food or giving them a cooked meal, you need to know what nutrients are necessary for their body. Your doggo needs protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. You must check the food labels of packed dog food to ensure that you are feeding your dog a balance of all these nutrients.

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2. Always consider the doggo’s age

Age is the crucial part of making a diet chart for your pup. They need different nutrients at various stages of life. Like in their early stage, high-quality protein food is an absolute must. But an adult dog’s diet should contain vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Giving them too much protein and fat are unhealthy. Senior dogs require an optimum amount of protein, fat, and carbs.

You should make changes in the dietary plans at different life stages of dogs. But before making any significant change, make sure you consult with your vet first.

3. Give them a mixture of dry and wet foods

Just like humans, they also need variation in their daily foods. Giving them only dry or only wet food is not good for their overall health.

Wet food takes care of their daily water level, and dry foods take care of oral health, so give them a balance of both. You can read the food labels of each to find out their nutrition value.

4. Ask your vet

Nobody knows about your dog more than your vet. He will be able to give you more insight into your doggo’s diet. Especially if it has allergic reactions to certain foods.

So, always check with a co-parent or with your vet before giving them a home-cooked meal.

5. Learn about wrong foods

I have already discussed what food you should give to your dog. But now is the time to know about the dangerous foods for dogs. You should never feed your dog chocolate, almonds, onions, garlic, raw fish, bread dough, raisins, grapes, cheese, and milk.

All the products mentioned above can cause serious health issues like diarrhea, heartburn, seizure, dehydration, loss of appetite, lethargy, skin problems, kidney failure, and in severe cases death.

6. Find out your doggo’s workout level

Do you see your dog playing around all the time, or does he just prefer to sit in his own space? The answer is best known to you. If you have the playboy, then you need foods that are rich in all the nutrients like vitamins, carbs, fats, protein, and minerals.

If you own a lazy lad, you should give it a balanced diet to keep weight in check. You can also take it on your morning or evening walks.

7. Be attentive to your furry friend

Did you notice your doggo itching in one area or frequently sneezing or coughing? This might be due to nutritional deficiency or food allergy. In any case, always contact the doctor before giving them any medicine.

Further, make sure you ask the doctor why the allergy was triggered, as this will save your best friend from many accidents.

8. Study the food brand

Today pet parents have a lot of options in terms of pet foods. But it is important to do research before becoming a loyal customer of a specific brand. It will keep your furry friend safe from harmful ingredients.

You can talk with their customer care or email them regarding any questions about the packed food. But before making the purchase, make sure you are 100% satisfied as it is a matter of your dog’s life.

Woman training her dog using dog treats

These tips will help you find the right food for your pup. If you are still confused about the diet, you can always talk to your vet.

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