Here’s How To Stay Positive During and After Addiction Treatment

Posted September 22, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Achieving sobriety is just the first step; maintaining it is the real deal. When you’re a recovering addict, change can be extremely hard. You are likely to encounter some bumps in the road regardless of what changes you make. While adapting to an entirely new way of life, addiction recovery can be extremely challenging at times. Maintaining a positive attitude during the transition will ease the process.

To understand addiction better, one should educate themselves, especially if a loved one is an addict or in recovery. An addiction hotline can be a great source of information and awareness. 

Several studies conclude that mindfulness impacts positive thinking, and positive thinking boosts overall happiness and life satisfaction. In case you are already walking the path to recovery, here is some guidance on how to stay on track!

Here are 7 tips for staying positive during recovery from addiction:

Sober Peers And Support Groups 

Surround yourself with sober and supportive people who hold you accountable. This can include family, close friends, your therapist, and literally anyone who is sober and supportive of your recovery. Don’t hesitate to bring along a sober friend to social gatherings that you might not be ready to get through alone.

Avoid people and situations that might lead to relapse triggers, make you uncomfortable or promote negativity. Take steps to establish a new routine that will aid your recovery.

Managing Cravings And Anxiety

The early stages of recovery are typically marked by cravings. Instead of beating yourself up over cravings, do what you can to overcome them. Instead of sitting alone and allowing temptations to overpower you, sit with your family in the common area or Facetime a friend to distract yourself, or maybe go out for a walk.

Instead of lighting up a cigarette, chew gum or maybe drink lemonade. Try breathing exercises. Breathe through your craving. Inhale, wait for 4 seconds and exhale. Repeat this several times to ease your anxiety. 

Eat Healthy And Exercise 

There is no substitute for healthy eating and exercising regularly. Make sure a diet chart is prepared for you by your dietician/doctor. There’s no compulsion for intense exercise. Do whatever suits you. Running, cycling, jogging, exercising, Zumba, or going to the gym regularly would all be good choices.

It might feel too much initially, so start by doing any workout activity of your choice for at least 20-25 minutes daily. Join a fitness group or ask a friend to tag along if you lack motivation or lose interest. Keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle at all times. 

Find A Hobby

You can establish a positive outlook by filling your free time with activities that keep you engaged and be a fulfilling experience. Getting back to doing things you enjoy is one of the most exciting things about addiction recovery. Cooking is fun, satisfying, and a great way to keep you engaged. You probably have a few dishes you’ve wanted to learn to cook. Now is the best time!

Journaling is a good option too. You can express your feelings and emotions through this activity. It lets you express your innermost feelings. Instead of burying those feelings, you can pour out your heart. Take up dance lessons or enroll in an art class or anything that works for you. 

Brunette woman with black glasses sitting on a couch writing in a journal.

Find Ways To Relax

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, do relaxing activities like listening to your favorite music in a bubble bath, reading a book, engaging in meditation, etc. Try a gentle form of yoga such as yin yoga—this will help you relax your mind and focus better.

Positivity is more likely to flow through you when you are relaxed.


It will boost your self-esteem while helping you feel better about yourself and your situation. Volunteer with an organization/ NGO promoting awareness about addiction, attend anti-addiction workshops or join support groups (for recovering addicts). Take part in activities organized by these groups/organizations. Don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever you can.

Celebrate Small Milestones and Practice Gratitude 

Your addiction may have locked you into chains that you can’t break without loving yourself. Love yourself enough to free yourself…

It takes immense courage to stay sober. Maintaining a positive attitude is one way to ease the transition. Take baby steps. Follow these tips one at a time, if you can’t follow them all at once. Love yourself enough to prevent yourself from sabotaging your present and future.