Here’s Why Should You Consider a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Posted June 26, 2022 by in Career
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It is common knowledge that content marketing effectively promotes businesses and reaches target audiences. Video marketing is one kind of content marketing increasingly growing in significance. Indeed, the preferences for videos now transcend mere entertainment; HubSpot’s studies reveal that 54% of consumers want to view more videos from businesses they support. Consequently, you can no longer turn a blind eye to video marketing with help of for various reasons. Here’s why video should constitute your content marketing strategy moving forward.

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  1. Boost SEO ranking

Seasoned digital marketing experts like High Level Marketing would undoubtedly agree that using videos in content is an excellent way to boost SEO ranking. This belief is backed by solid research, evident by Forrester’s studies that reveal that you are 53 times likelier to enjoy an organic page rank in Google with video than with plain text only. Videos are effective for SEO because they increase the time people spend on your website. The time people spend navigating your site is a well-known factor that Google uses for ranking, so more videos equate to more time spent and a higher ranking. Additionally, people are more likely to link to your videos if you are seeking quality backlinks. More backlinks mean more industry authority and a corresponding higher ranking.

  1. People love video

Technology has undoubtedly made it easier for companies to record videos. It has also made it quite convenient for individuals to consume video content. As such, video is fast becoming the most preferred of all content types. Indeed, many people consciously favor videos over other marketing materials because they are more entertaining and educational. Videos also tell stories better than images and texts, so they are easy to consume. Also, videos allow consumers to see the faces behind brands, making it easier for them to make purchase decisions. These points and many more explain why people watch more than a billion hours of YouTube content daily. Therefore, you are simply missing out on one of the most common ways people consume online content if you aren’t creating videos for your brand.

  1. You can use videos in many ways

Modern marketers are spoilt for choice regarding how to use video content. Consequently, there is something for everyone, irrespective of your brand’s unique marketing goals. YouTube is the most obvious place to begin when creating videos, but several other options exist. For instance, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook allow you to upload stories that disappear after a specific period. Stories are great because they offer a quick and cheap way to directly reach out to your audience. You can also go live on Facebook and Twitch to give clients real-time insights into your business operations. And if you’re considering vtubing as an option to produce amazing content, utilizing a vtuber software that’s reliable and easy to use would be practical. 

Live videos are particularly worth considering because they reportedly get six times more interactions than their regular counterparts. Furthermore, you can organize webinars to interact directly with potential clients. Webinars can help you answer particular questions clients may have about your products. You can also teach your target audience a thing or two about your sector, establishing yourself as an industry authority.