Here’s Why Water Filtration Systems Are a Must in 2021

Posted April 24, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Freshwater makes up 3% of the world’s water supply, but just 0.4 percent of it is drinkable. Fresh surface water, such as streams, rivers, and springs, is the most viable natural source.

How can you make sure you and your family are drinking fresh and pollution-free water? Using a water filtration system is the best way to ensure you have clean drinking water.

If you are drinking tap water at home, you do what is suitable for the environment by not contributing to bottled water waste. Bottled water may not always be better than tap water, and it produces massive amounts of plastic waste in landfills.

For the most part, contaminants are lurking in all water we consume. The only sure-fire way to make sure you have access to clean water is to install a water filtration system in your home or business.

Keep reading to discover how water filtration systems can work to improve your water quality and cut back on costs. Provide the cleanest water you can for yourself and the people around you:

How to Filter Tap Water

Filtering tap water is a simple task that may require an easy installation process depending on the products you choose to integrate into your indoor plumbing. You can learn more here about what you are drinking when you decided to drink straight from the tap and how to avoid consuming these chemicals.

When you install a water filtration system, you are avoiding many different hazardous toxins, including:

  • Viruses and microbial toxins
  • Herbicides, pesticides, and agricultural chemicals
  • Organic chemical contaminants used in industrial processes
  • Radioactive waste

Water Filtration Systems

Water filters aren’t just for the paranoid. The extreme chlorine levels and mineral content in tap water can have an unsettling taste. Over time it can even begin to affect your bodily systems.

Chemicals added to drinking water during the cleansing process may be harmful to your liver, kidneys, and other organs. Bacteria and other germs may infiltrate water after it has been through the treatment process and may also cause illness or health concerns. Sediment or metal shavings from your pipes will then enter your drinking water if they are old or corroded.

The Importance of Water Filtration 

Water filtration is an essential and often overlooked step in conserving the overall health of an individual. Water systems and tap water can be outdated and lack the proper filtration to remove contaminants. 

Installing water filtration systems, whether directly to your tap or to your source of water supply, can significantly improve the purity of your drinking water. You will begin to notice a difference in the taste of your water but the way you feel.

Don’t fall victim to the chemicals that can are found in tap water. Protect your home and those around you by properly filtering out all the contaminants hiding in your water.                 

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*Photos by Vlada Karpovich