Highlighting the Importance of Using Carbon Filters for Your Grow Room

Posted August 28, 2021 by in Career

Viable farmland is rapidly decreasing these days. At the same time, people don’t always have the space they need to cultivate their crops outside. When it comes to growing cannabis, security and privacy are also major concerns. After all, it’s still not legal in all areas. Many of us are also painfully aware that we can’t always trust our neighbors to mind their own business or stay out of our outdoor gardens.

Because of all those factors, indoor grow rooms are becoming increasingly popular:

Setting Up Your Grow Room the Right Way

Whether you’re growing cannabis in your basement, in a spare bedroom, or in a tent in the back yard, it’s important to set up your garden spot correctly. That means having all the right components in place to ensure the plants get everything they need to stay healthy. Essential components include grow lights, irrigation equipment, and ventilation systems, to name a few.

Of course, one of the aspects at-home growers often overlook is filtration. If you’re growing marijuana indoors, we recommend using carbon filters to foster plant health and round out your cannabis cultivation efforts. 

What Are Carbon Filters?

As the name indicates, carbon filters are filters filled with carbon that can be used for numerous purposes. They’re available as both air and water filters, both of which remove unpleasant odors and other particles from the air we breathe or the water we drink. In the case of carbon filters for grow rooms, they’re designed to eliminate that telltale aroma of flourishing and flowering weed plants. Along the way, they get rid of pathogens and contaminants that could damage your crops and detract from your yields. 

Carbon is one of the most abundant elements on the planet. It’s used as fuel and in many other applications. In fact, it’s the very basis of life as we know it. If you’re growing plants in a jungle room grow tent, you need to use carbon filters to make sure the air is clean and free of pollen, mold, and other pollutants. Not only will these filters help your plants grow healthily, but they’ll also keep the room clean and fresh. You can buy carbon filters online or at most garden stores.

Why Is Carbon So Important for Filters?

In truth, carbon is an important and effective filter media for several reasons. It’s highly absorbent, so it’s capable of drawing in and holding onto a long list of particles that would otherwise linger in the air around your marijuana plants. Many home HVAC systems are already equipped with carbon filters to keep odors from cooking and other daily tasks at bay. They also help neutralize all the common airborne contaminants that could make you sick. Carbon filters do the same for the environment surrounding your indoor marijuana plants. 

Carbon’s high levels of absorbency come from its naturally porous nature. Many of the most efficient filters for indoor grow rooms and greenhouses use activated carbon. Activated carbon goes through various treatment processes using heat and other strategies to make it even more porous than it is in natural form. That means it’s even more effective at eliminating odors and contaminants in the air. This will keep your plants healthier and can even help protect you against some of the harmful effects of all those airborne invaders.

What Are the Benefits of Using Activated Carbon Filters?

We’ve already touched upon the main benefit of using a carbon filter in your grow room, which is getting rid of the odors marijuana is so notorious for producing. That highly recognizable smell doesn’t only come from smoking the finished product. Even when it’s growing, marijuana gives off a pungent aroma that only gets worse when the flowering stage rolls around.

With a carbon filter in your grow room, you won’t have to worry about all the neighbors and everyone who passes by trying to sniff out your crop. That’s only the beginning, though.

Reducing Ozone Concentration 

Ozone is a particularly harmful pollutant. It can come inside through tiny gaps in windows and every time doors are opened. It’s also generated by certain electronics and appliances in your home. Other contaminants in the air can actually lead to an increase in ozone concentrations as well.

When it’s overly abundant in your grow room, ozone can make its way into the plants’ porous leaves and stems and inundate your growth media. When that happens, it can cause nutritional deficiencies and other health issues that might destroy your crop. Carbon filters absorb ozone so it doesn’t have a chance to affect your plants. 

Getting Rid of Airborne Pathogens 

We’ve already alluded to the importance of carbon filters for eliminating airborne plant pathogens. Your plants constantly have to battle mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other invaders that could detract from their health. Those organisms are naturally present in the air, and there’s no real way to stop them from entering your grow room.

Having a carbon filter in place, though, will draw them out of the air so they don’t pose as much of a threat to your crop. 

Moisture and Temperature Regulation 

Keeping moisture and temperatures at just the right levels is essential for maintaining your plants and increasing your yields. Several types of ventilation equipment, humidifiers, monitors, and other tools are available to aid in this portion of the process. Carbon filters can be an important component here as well. They’re capable of absorbing moisture, but they also give off a small amount. As part of a full-blown ventilation system, they’ll go a long way toward keeping temperatures and humidity levels right where your marijuana plants need them to be. 

Keeping Your Cannabis Healthy with Activated Carbon

Carbon is an abundant, useful, and versatile material that’s naturally created. It can also be created by artificial means. Either way, it’s the perfect tool for eliminating airborne particles that could detract from your marijuana harvest and counteract all the time and effort you put into your crop. 

Different types of filters are available, including block carbon, granulated, and compound filtration systems. In most instances, block carbon or compound filters are recommended for large grow rooms and facilities. They provide maximum results for those who are growing sizable cannabis crops. Find the right carbon filter for your grow room and you’re bound to see a positive difference in the way your plants grow as well as the buds they produce. 

*Photos by Kindel Media