Hints and Tips for Buying a Vintage Car

Posted December 16, 2020 by in Lifestyle

When it comes to making a style statement, few personal items ooze chic and panache quite like a vintage car. 

Classic cars have a look and style that simply isn’t achieved by most modern car manufacturers and, while the trend these days is undoubtedly moving towards electric vehicles, there’s nothing quite like hearing the roar of an old engine. 

However, buying and owning an older car comes with its own risks and it’s essential you consider the potential implications of owning a car from yesteryear. Here are just a few hints and tips to help make sure you get value for money and a reliable vehicle.:

Where to Buy a Classic Car

In general, you have three main options when it comes to buying an older car:

At an auction: Auctions often feature high-value, rare vehicles that you may not find anywhere else. You could also end up picking up a bargain, depending on how many bids are made for the vehicle that interests you.

The drawback of an auction is you won’t have much opportunity to inspect the vehicle properly. Also, the commission on sales may substantially increase the cost of purchase. 

In a private sale, direct from the owner: Buying direct can take more time to find the vehicle you’re looking for but it also means you’ll avoid the purchase commission taken by dealerships or auction houses. Additionally, you’ll have a much better opportunity to thoroughly inspect the car and ask the owner about its history – however, you should cross-reference any claims made by the seller.

From a specialist dealership: Going to a dealer has the advantage of giving you the chance to thoroughly check the car – and the chance to take it out for a test drive. A reputable dealer should also have all the relevant paperwork regarding a vehicle’s authenticity and its maintenance records. However, dealers operate to make a profit so you may end up paying over the odds. Don’t be afraid to haggle.

Considerations for Owning an Older Vehicle

Presuming you buy a car in good condition, it’s in your best interests to look after it properly – and, at very least, organize adequate storage options to protect it from the elements. Rather than keeping a car at home, many owners prefer to transfer their vehicles to a professional storage facility like those offered by Veloce Motors: The Vault.

In addition to housing your car, many car storage companies will clean and service it too!

Key Checks You Should Make Before the Big Purchase

Buying anything vintage comes with associated risks, however, with so many moving parts in a car, you stand an even greater risk of things going wrong. As well as taking a car for a test drive to see how it runs and handles, you should also consider asking for the help of a qualified third-party inspector who will thoroughly inspect the car for common problems. Most auto clubs will be able to put you in touch with one. 

Lastly, be sure to check the parts availability of a car online as you never know what you might need to replace. You should make sure spare parts are readily available at a reasonable price.