Hola! 10 Tips to Help You Learn Spanish Fast

Posted November 29, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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Did you know that over 420 million people speak Spanish? Whether you love to travel, want access to more job opportunities, or you’re looking for a fun hobby, there are plenty of reasons why learning Spanish is a rewarding experience.

Do you want to know how you can learn Spanish fast? Keep reading for ten expert tips:

  1. Expand Your Vocabulary

One of the best ways you can learn to speak Spanish fast is to set a goal for how many different words you can memorize each day. Even if your grammar isn’t perfect, native speakers will be able to understand you better if you have a broader vocabulary.

Resources like https://lingvist.com/course/learn-spanish-online/spanish-vocabulary/ can teach you the most common words and phrases that’ll help you communicate in no time.

  1. Watch Movies with Subtitles

The easiest way to learn Spanish is to make your studies feel less like a chore. Watching movies in English with Spanish subtitles can help improve your reading and writing skills while watching Spanish movies with English subtitles can help improve your listening skills.

Another benefit of watching Spanish movies is that you can get a better feel for slang and how native speakers communicate in casual, natural ways.

  1. Find a Study Buddy

Learning Spanish quickly is a lot more manageable when you have a study buddy. Not only will a friend help you practice, but they can also encourage you to keep up the pace if you ever start to get discouraged or unmotivated. If you find a friend who’s on the same level as you are, you can feel less self-conscious about making errors since their Spanish won’t be perfect either.

Instead of studying in a library or a stuffy room, you can make your lessons more engaging by going somewhere fun like the park.

  1. Take Advantage of Language Apps

If you have a busy schedule, you need to take advantage of every learning opportunity you can get no matter how brief they are. Foreign language apps are the perfect way to cram in extra practice whenever you have a free minute. Some apps even come with lessons in the form of games so learning doesn’t feel like a chore.

Some great apps for people who want to learn Spanish are Duolingo, Memrise, FluentU, and Babbel. Take some time to explore all of the apps out there and only use the ones that engage you.

  1. Practice Reading, Writing, Speaking

One problem that many self-taught learners face is they’re much stronger at reading than they are at writing or speaking. The reason why this happens is because lots of learning methods involve memorization. If you want to become more well-rounded, make sure you seek out a diverse curriculum that flexes all of the muscles in your brain.

  1. Have Fun Learning About the Culture

Learning a foreign language is an admirable quest, but even the most devoted students can suffer from boredom or frustration. Although learning about Spanish culture may not be as useful as practicing with flashcards, this activity can keep you interested and remind you why you wanted to learn Spanish in the first place.

Some facts you learn can also teach you about the subtleties of the language and help you speak like you’re a natural.

  1. Try Translating Short Stories

Once you’re ready to put your skills to the test, you can find simple short stories that were written for children and see if you can understand every word. If you ever stumble upon a word that you can’t figure out from context clues, write it down in a notebook along with the proper translation. By the end of the story, you’ll have new vocabulary words to practice that can help you progress to more challenging stories in the future.

  1. Expose Yourself to Spanish as Often as Possible Throughout the Day

Watching movies with subtitles and playing with apps are great places to start, but there are so many unique ways you can incorporate Spanish into your daily life. You can listen to Spanish music or podcasts, watch YouTubers who live in Spanish-speaking countries, and even label the objects in your house with the proper translation.

The more you’re exposed to Spanish, the more natural it will feel when you use it.

  1. Learn Spanish Fast by Traveling to Spanish-Speaking Countries

Even if you’re diligent about exposing yourself to Spanish as much as you can, you’re still living in an English-speaking county. If you have the funds and a sense of adventure, visiting a Spanish-speaking country is the ultimate way to master the language. Although the immersion learning method can feel like you’re getting tossed into the deep end during your first swimming lesson, the challenge comes with many rewards.

If you can’t afford a trip to a different country, don’t let that stop you from interacting with native speakers. Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to find pen pals or tutors who are happy to share their skills with you.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes

A lot of people who are learning a foreign language are scared of communicating with native speakers because they don’t want to sound stupid. Adopting a healthier mindset will help you become fluent faster because you’ll be open to more learning experiences. When you leave fear behind, you can start to understand why your mistakes are mistakes and how you can avoid them in the future.

If you follow these 10 tips, you can learn Spanish fast with ease. Since there are so many benefits of learning a second language, you can enjoy the entire journey.

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