Home Decor Ideas: Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Fountain

Posted September 6, 2022 by in Home
two story house with a fountain in the front

Fountains aren’t something that is a common sight inside most people’s homes today, mainly because people tend to associate them more with country manors and palaces than they do ordinary houses. However, they are very common in people’s gardens. Fountains can seriously improve your home’s interior appearance, too, even if it is just a traditional row house or semi-detached.

There are lots of benefits associated with having a fountain installed in your house or garden. If you don’t know a lot about fountains, then this post’s got you covered. You’ll find out what these advantages are, as well as a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a fountain.

Aesthetic Appeal

While this post’s introduction stated that people associate fountains with stately homes, that is only the use of internal fountains. External fountains are a very common sight. In fact, most houses have them. If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s aesthetic, then why not spruce up the garden with a birdbath fountain, which can also encourage birds into your garden? Having a fountain installed in your garden will significantly improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Similarly, an internal fountain can make your home look a lot nicer, too.

Relaxing Ambience

Fountains can make your home feel much more relaxing, mainly because of the sound of trickling water. A fountain is an especially good investment if you live beside a road and every time you sit in your garden, you hear cars passing. Another effective way of blocking noise out of your garden that compliments the installation of a fountain is wind chimes. An internal fountain will also help you to relax, perhaps more so than an external one. You can buy freestanding fountains which you can put in the corner of your living room or anywhere really.

Air Quality

An indoor fountain can improve your home’s air quality. It does this by releasing negative ions, which cleanse the air. Negative ions are released when water from your fountain evaporates into the air. Air quality should be something that you are always concerned with since your home’s air quality will impact your quality of life. Stagnant, unclean air can stunt your performance at work and also make it difficult for you to think clearly. Your home’s air quality should be very important to you. You can also improve your home’s air quality by investing in a few plants since they oxygenate the air and an air cleaning device.


A lack of humidity is a big problem in a lot of homes. Dry air can be very uncomfortable. If your house suffers from a humidity problem, then the introduction of a fountain is something that you should definitely consider. With that said, some people actually experience too much humidity in their houses. If your home is too humid, then installing a fountain indoors is a very bad idea, since it will contribute to the humidity. If your home is too humid, and you want a fountain, then you should put one down outside instead.

Low Maintenance

Fountains are very low maintenance, especially the outdoor kind. You won’t have to spend a lot of time working on it or keeping it running – it’ll do that itself. You should bear in mind that fountains that aren’t electrically powered are more likely to need less maintenance. If you buy a fountain that uses electricity in any capacity, then it is going to need more maintenance from you and is more likely to break down sooner than one that isn’t. Also, because of the rising cost of electricity, it’s a good idea to buy a fountain that doesn’t have a light, unless it’s a battery-powered LED light.

Nourishes Life

Outdoor fountains nourish life. As mentioned several points ago, the installation of an outdoor fountain will attract birds into your garden. More birds in your garden can make it a very relaxing and therapeutic place. Birds sing, dance, and play; they are very fun to look at and very relaxing to be around. You should be aware that a fountain could also attract larger animals, like foxes, deer, and even badgers. You could put down an outdoor trail camera to see what animals are coming into your garden when you aren’t around.

Boosts Happiness

Since outdoor and indoor fountains are very relaxing, they naturally improve their owners’ lives and make them feel a lot happier. If you have been suffering from depression, then the installation of a fountain is definitely worth considering. While a fountain certainly won’t cure your depression, it can help you to be a lot more positive. The best part about fountains is that they don’t require a prescription—you can pop down to your local garden or outdoor supply store—or use an online retailer—and get your hands on a fountain immediately.

Energy Efficient

Fountains are very energy efficient, despite what most people think. Many people are under the impression that fountains are plugged into your home’s main water pipe. While this is true in some cases, more often than not this is not the case. Usually, fountains recycle the water that’s sitting in their bowl. This water is usually collected from rain, meaning that rainwater is recycled. An energy-efficient fountain will ensure that you don’t waste water. If you want a fountain with a light built into it, then try to buy one that is battery-powered, as has already been covered.


Finally, fountains are affordable, making them a cost-efficient way of improving your house. Unless you’re buying a grand palace-sized fountain, you won’t have to spend more than a hundred dollars. You could even buy a fountain second-hand if you are on a budget and cannot justify buying a fountain brand new. Whatever you choose to do and however much you choose to spend, make sure that the fountain you are buying suits your home’s appearance. If you have an older home, then a more classical, granite, or marble outdoor fountain is best. If your home is newer, then a more sleek, modern fountain will suit it.

Circular fountain in a yard

A fountain will make for a great addition to your home’s décor. Most fountains are very affordable, which makes them suitable for more or less any home. If you want to improve your home’s appearance and don’t want to spend a fortune, then you should consider investing in a fountain.

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