Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Posted July 22, 2022 by in Home
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When you’re a homeowner, there’s always something to work on. Whether you want to change the decoration to suit your current state of mind or upgrade certain features to increase the home’s value, standing still is not an option. In the article below, you will find some items to put on your home checklist to ensure your property remains functional and energy efficient annually. 

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Working Doorbell 

Let’s start with a simple maintenance trick that improves the impression of your home. Whether your visitors are local neighbors or prospective buyers, you can impress them with a working doorbell instead of one that looks worn and isn’t expected to work, forcing them to knock. 

In general, doorbells are not expected to work because so many of them don’t. This is unfortunate because it presents a rough first impression of your home. On the contrary, homes with a working doorbell seem active, responsive, and well-maintained, so get busy with wiring. 

Restore Power Outlets 

Dead power outlets can be inconvenient, especially when you need to extend your electrical usage at short notice. That said, most homeowners find workaround solutions, so they don’t have to invest in electrical services. But if you’re selling your home, you need to restore outlets. 

Restoring power outlets to their original conditions makes your home more appealing to a prospective buyer, more convenient to live in until you sell the property, and more energy efficient. However, don’t carry out the work yourself; always hire the services of an electrician.

For help prioritizing your home improvement and maintenance checklist to find a place to start, you can use the resource below.

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Ceiling Fan Direction 

If you live in a warm part of the world, chances are you have some ceiling fans to cool the place down in summer and support your heating system in winter. But in order for this to be effective, we need to change the direction of the ceiling fans sometimes. Or every season, to be exact.   

Since warm air rises, you don’t want your fan in a clockwise direction in the summer because it draws air upwards and raises the temperature of the second floor. Anticlockwise is better in the summer because the blades are pointing downwards, creating a draft of air that cools the room.   

Gutters and Drains 

Gutters and drains can be found on the roof and under the ground outside; for that reason, they often go untreated for many months, causing water damage to the inner walls and blockages that clog up your toilet and shower, forcing you to hire an expensive plumbing service to fix it. 

Alternatively, you could pay special attention to your gutters and drains throughout the yeast, increasing their effectiveness and reducing the costs and inconvenience of water damage. Check and clean your gutters every season and check for smells and noises around the drains.

Water Damage

Water damage in the home happens in a number of ways; it might occur because of blocked drains, frozen pipes, gutters, or an unforeseen environmental event. In any case, water damage must be treated to reduce the effects of mold growth and to make your home comfortable again. 

But that’s not all! After you restore your home to its original condition, you need to treat the source of the problem – that’s when professional services such as Utah Flood Cleanup are helpful. Simply get in touch for professional and affordable 24/7 water damage services.  

Water Heater 

Nowadays, every homeowner is interested in improving the energy efficiency of their property to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. One maintenance trick you don’t want to be without in this regard is cleaning your water heater, ensuring there is no mineral build-up in the system. 

Again, a water heater is an invisible part of the home, so you probably don’t think about having it replaced or cleaned very often. Once a year, it’s a sensible idea to hire a plumbing service to clean your water heater, ensuring it’s updated and running smoothly to reduce your energy bills. 

Roof Maintenance 

Every homeowner dreads the cost of a roof replacement; not only is it expensive, you have to put your life on hold for a time while the roof is upgraded. The good news is that this is not a routine task; if you look after your roof with regular inspections, you can avoid pricey upgrades. 

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Most roof specialists recommend that you have your roof inspected twice a year. Inspections involve checking the integrity of the roof inside and outside and creating a checklist of work that needs carried out. Roof inspections help to increase roof effectiveness and avoid replacements.