Handmade Hair Care — It Can Be Done!

Posted October 8, 2014 by in Beauty

I’m not a huge fan of DIY projects. Yes, it would be cool if I could make my own wallpaper or sew a yoga bag, but it ain’t gonna happen! I just don’t have the time.

But what about beauty products?

As a kid, my parents had a small business where they made soap, lip balms, perfumes, and lotions. Our home always smelled like roses and peppermint, and all of their products had minimal ingredients. But since they made it all in bulk, it was a ton of work. But what if I were to make a few products for my use only?

Let’s start with hair. Hair is extremely fragile and we’re constantly putting it through the wringer with chemical treatments and heated styling tools. Instead of giving up the highlights and blowouts, consider changing your cleansing regime. While chemical laden products cleanse the hair, they also strip away the shine and natural bounce.

Below are four DIY hair cocktails using my favorite essential oil — tea tree!

tea tree oil recipes

1. Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

Tea tree oil is a great ingredient for your DIY hair products because it absorbs oil and it leaves hair looking glossy — not dry.

What You Need: 

Mix It: Pour all ingredients into a flip cap bottle and shake well to blend. Store bottle in the shower for up to 2 months.

Apply It: Tilt the bottle over your head until a quarter sized amount appears and work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.


2. Creamy Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

This shampoo is great for the girl who often has frizzy hair.

What You Need:

  • Empty Shampoo bottle
  • 15 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree  Oil
  • 5 drops essential rose oil
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • ½ tsp. almond oil (for dry hair)
  • 3 vitamin E oil capsules
  • 1/3 cup liquid castile soap

Mix It: Combine all ingredients in a shampoo bottle or a foaming pump dispenser and shake well. Store in the bathroom for up to 1 month.

Apply It: Shake bottle well before squeezing about 1-1 ½ teaspoons per shampoo onto your hand. Massage gently into scalp and hair and leave on for 2 minutes then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

shampoo hair1

3. Replenishing Hair Mask

If your dry hair needs a little pick-me-up, this mask will be your best friend.

What You Need: 

  • 8-10 drops of Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 medium avocado, pitted and chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil

Mix It: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix with your fingers or a blender to smooth.

Apply It: Scoop mask up and rub into hair from root to tip, then twist hair on top of your head. Leave it on 15 to 45 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

diy hair mask

4. Homemade Detangler

After my shower, I have to apply detangler to my hair before putting a comb or brush through it. Otherwise it’ll hurt! Unfortunately, many detanglers out there weight my hair down, but the one below won’t.

What You Need: 

  • 10 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • Clean spray bottle
  • 1 cup distilled water

Mix It: Add all ingredients to the clean spray bottle and shake well to blend.

Apply It: After shampooing, spritz enough detangling spray to coat hair and then comb through.

Tip: Add rose, lemon or peppermint essential oil for added fragrance.

comb through wet hair

Many essential oils on the market today are diluted to cut costs, so there’s only a handful of tea tree oils out there that are 100% pure. I really like the tea tree oil from Apothecary Extracts.  It’s only $25!

Tea tree oil isn’t just useful when it comes to hair care. Since it’s a natural disinfectant, it can be used in homemade skincare, first aid, and cleaning products. A free e-book containing an array of tea tree oil recipes comes with every order from Apothecary Extracts.

Have you ever made your own beauty products? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Justine October 8, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    Oooh so intrigued by the avocado hair mask

    • Broke & Chic October 8, 2014 at 4:41 PM

      It’s awesome! I’m always putting fun concoctions in my hair.

  • Broke & Chic October 16, 2014 at 3:30 PM

    It’s so much fun! Email me if/when you make some. I would love to know what you think!