How a Proactive Family Dental Plan Will Save You Money

Posted March 5, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

In these tough economic times, it is becoming more important than ever to save as much money as you can wherever you can. Family dental care has always been a significant cost, yet with a little early planning and additional thought you and your family could save on this aspect of your healthcare by developing a proactive dental plan.

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What is Proactive Dental Care?

This is when you plan your oral healthcare holistically. The aim with a proactive plan is to avoid the need for major dental treatment and fixes and instead focus on preventative care. Regular checkups, professional cleaning and ongoing advice are critical. Gone are the days where seeing a dentist once a year was good enough.

Technology and dental care have progressed to the point where most procedures can now be done quite simply, and checkups should be more routine. Seeing a dentist is a key part of the proactive plan, but most of the hard work will be done at home by you. 

Dental Care Costs: How Do Most of you Pay for it?

Some of you out there may have your dental care covered by Medicaid and Medicare or even private dental insurance supported by your employer, but for over 37 million Americans dental care is unaffordable. Proactive dental treatments and care will save you money. Not just on dental care, but on general health costs as cavities left untreated can cause a great deal of other health issues.

Research shows that poor oral health can be associated with strokes and heart disease, so it can have long-lasting serious implications.

Your Family Plan

Design a plan for each family member and the trick will be scheduling. Try not to book and schedule all the appointments at the same time, as this will result in a huge cost. So unless you have coverage for medical and dental needs, then schedule each family member a month or so apart.

The general rule of thumb is that you should see the dentist every six months. But, if you have no dental issues, you can push this to a year. Alternatively, if you know you have dental issues, you will need to reduce this to three or four months. 

For a family of four or five, this can mean going to the dentist often, so having a good dental plan is essential. Beyond that, you can also make your dental plan go further by doing some research about affordable dentists. Look for reviews from other patients, and ask your local Facebook group or ask your friends who they would recommend. That way you know your dental plan can go further and you’ll find a dentist you like. Just ensure that as the basic minimum each person sees the dentist or oral hygienist once every six months.

Lastly, enquire as to possible payment plans for the treatment, as if you have a child needing braces or you need filling and root care this could end up a costly affair. Southgate Dental Centre is a professional Edmonton community dentist that offers payment plans for all dentistry. Paying monthly, using post-dated cheques or credit card payments will be a useful way to pay for treatment and ensure that cost does not prevent you and yours having beautiful smiles.

You should research carefully and find a good dentist with reasonable prices and a great payment plan. Planning your family’s oral hygiene and health is important for them to look after and protect their teeth, and in doing so improve their overall health.

*Photos by Tara Winstead