How Can a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Help with Your Slip and Fall Case?

Posted February 4, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Houston is a large city in Texas State with an estimated population of 2,304,580. Slip and fall accidents occur anywhere and can happen to anyone. In some cases, it can cause minor bruises or scratches, while you could also be seriously injured in some.

As per Texas laws, any person (property owner or business owner) who contributes to the slip and fall accident can be held financially responsible for the consequences. 

Suppose you are severely injured in a slip and fall accident at the workplace or another person’s property. In that case, you need to consult a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer for a legal claim to recover medical expenses. Here are some ways an injury lawyer can help with your slip and fall case. 

Legal Advice

As per recent fatal occupational injuries statistics, Texas recorded 96 slip and fall accidents in 2019. Around 15 of these accidents happened due to tripping. If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, the attorney can advise you on future action and explain the legal options. For example, you can file a legal claim to get compensation for injuries

Establishing Negligence 

To get compensation from the property owner, you need to prove the property owner’s negligence in court. Establishing negligence is the trickiest part of the compensation claim. A Houston Personal Injury Lawyer will analyze the slip and fall accident and hire professionals to gather evidence of the accident to prove property owner negligence. 

Calculate Damages

As per recent slip and fall accident stats, around 79 fall accidents were recorded in Texas, where the victim fell to a lower level. When you file a legal claim for damages, you must mention the compensation amount you seek. Also, you need to prove your damages. 

The lawyer will help you calculate damages accurately by correctly including your present and future damages. A lawyer will also assess and calculate past, present, and future damages due to the slip and fall accident. 

It will protect you from losses, especially if the slip and fall accident affects your earning ability or if you will be required to take medical treatment for a long time in the near future. 

Negotiating Settlement 

In many cases, the defendant may want to settle the case out of court by paying the compensation to the plaintiff. After a thorough discussion, the lawyer can negotiate the settlement on your behalf and ensure you get adequate compensation. The lawyer’s role is important in a settlement as you might know the actual damages you can get from the defendant’s insurance company.  

If the insurance company tricks you into accepting a lesser compensation amount than you expect and get the document signed, you will not be able to go to court to claim damages. 

The lawyer will ensure the compensation amount and the legal terms and conditions of the settlement are drafted in your favor. The lawyer will also ensure you do not suffer any losses by negotiating a settlement with the defendant. 

Represent You in the Court

If you are not happy with the settlement amount offered by the defendant’s insurance company, you might want to pursue your legal claim in court. In that case, the lawyer will represent you professionally in the court and present evidence supporting your claim so that the judge directs the insurance company and the defendant to pay the compensation amount you seek.

To sum up, these are some ways an attorney can help you in a slip and fall accident case.