How Can CBD Help Relieve Stress And Keep You Healthier

Posted December 22, 2021 by in Health + Fitness
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CBD has exploded onto the healthcare and private consumption market in recent years. Only a few years ago, it was relatively unheard of. Now, the market is worth an estimated $3.5 billion and you can find CBD infused in coffee beans, tea, gummies, and even products like lotion.

CBD has been reported to have all kinds of great health benefits and effects. If you’re new to CBD, then there’s plenty to learn. You may have many questions about what it can do and if it’s right for you. Read on for all the information on CBD, how it can relieve your stress, and how it can make you healthier:

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What is CBD?

First, you’ll probably want to know exactly what CBD is. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Questions are often asked, like “is CBD safe?” First off, the answer is a resounding yes. CBD has been clinically proven to be safe in humans, with very limited to no side effects reported.

But, what is it? Where does it come from? Well, CBD is actually cannabidiol – a compound found in hemp and marijuana. However, it is not illegal (in many places) like marijuana is. It is also not psychoactive, like some of the other compounds found in the plant; like THC, for example.

How Much to Take

Ok, so, CBD is safe and legal in many places. But what amount of it should you take? It’s easy to work out by using this CBD dosage calculator, for example. In general, doses are also shared on the packaging of each CBD product. 

As mentioned, CBD is very safe. It is highly unlikely that you could find yourself with severe adverse reactions by taking any commercially available CBD products. Though, you should always use the calculator and read the packet to make sure you are being safe.

How is it Made?

CBD is an oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. This is done using a variety of methods – the same methods used to extract other essential oils and food additives like vanilla, orange, or other oils. The process is not new, it is tried and tested, so you know you are getting a well made and safe product when you shop for CBD oils or related items.

Stress and Anxiety

Onto the health benefits of CBD. Firstly, it is widely reported that taking CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety in people. Tests have been done with CBD and antidepressants, with CBD producing some amazing results in double-blind studies. As mentioned, another huge bonus is that these CBD products show very little in the way of side effects. 

How does CBD reduce stress, though? Well, research into this is certainly still ongoing, however, the initial results look very promising. It seems that CBD interacts with both the cannabinoid type 1 receptor and the serotonin receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for positive and happy feelings. So, CBD can promote serotonin and happiness, making it great for anxiety, stress, depression, and other similar disorders.

Other Health Benefits

These aren’t the only reported and tested benefits of CBD, though. People are taking CBD for the reduction of all other kinds of symptoms too. For example, studies have shown that CBD can also help reduce inflammation. This makes it a great choice with conditions like sciatica, arthritis, or simple muscular injuries.

On top of this, the CBD interactions within the brain’s receptors also seem to be able to help reduce pain. So, CBD could help if you have an injury or want to reduce inflammation for any other condition. Do some research on any injuries you may have and see what CBD can do for you!

Best CBD Products

For stress and anxiety, there are a wide variety of excellent CBD products you could choose. Most commonly, people opt for CBD oils. These oils can be placed directly under the tongue or mixed into drinks to be absorbed. Oils absorbed in the mouth give quick relief of symptoms. 

However, if you are targeting a specific injury or painful area, there are also products such as CBD creams and ointments. These absorb through the skin and help reduce the pain and inflammation you are feeling. They are a great alternative to traditional ibuprofen creams.

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CBD, then, is becoming an excellent alternative to many modern medical treatments. If your condition is severe, you should certainly seek the advice of a medical professional. However, there’s no reason not to also try CBD as part of your treatment or daily routine. Hopefully, CBD will be able to help relieve your worries and make you feel a little healthier each day!

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