How Can Inclusion Clothing Create Awareness About Neurodiversity?

Posted August 9, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

Last month, I was scrolling through fashion magazines and got to know about ‘Inclusion Clothing.’ I don’t know who put that idea into that magazine, but one thing is sure– ‘the world needs it. Anyone familiar with fashion understands how it has its language. And today’s style speaks only one language– inclusivity, diversity, and empathy. Don’t believe me?

Check out any famous clothing brand’s advertisement, and you’ll know. The main focus is to bring inclusivity into the core fashion approaches where everyone can feel comfortable and accepted. But how does it make things for neurodiverse families better? That’s the focus of this blog.

How do neurodiverse families and Kids struggle in their everyday lives?

The human world is becoming better with technology and more accepting of diversity. Amid this, parenting is one task that humans are accustomed to without any proper training. And, you may agree it is a tough job. Why? Ask a parent, and you’ll know! It exhausts you, drains your energy, and even makes you anxious. But if you’re the parent of a neurodivergent kid, multiply it all by two.  

By now, you may feel another parent is here to make complaints, but that’s not the case. Whatever the case, you must know that neurodiverse families struggle a lot. Here’s a snippet of our everyday lives for you:

  • Daily meals must be proper, or my kid won’t like them. 
  • My son likes to wear the same pair of blue socks daily, so picking one from seven similar socks is a task.
  • Going on vacations can be a hassle, as little one feels hungry at random times.
  • Very few regular schools accept neurodivergent kids. Mostly we need to either homeschool or find a special school.

Does it make me love my child any less?

Absolutely not! Parenting can be a tough routine for everyone; what infuriates me the most is people’s behavior and misconceptions about neurodivergent individuals. The environment filled with discrimination and bullying complicates things for young minds. No matter how things were in the past, the present and future demand us to embrace our human values. 

So, what change can inclusive clothing bring?

As a parent, I can only support my kid at home, but when he may go out, I am scared of the consequences. What all our kids need is a more accepting world. A world where they do not feel like an outsider and inclusive fashion is the right step. It will help them have belongingness with the environment and society. Our present and future generations do not need a world based on stereotypes and discrimination; instead, we must celebrate our diversities and let every human feel important and accepted.

A father’s plea to all!

Be more understanding and empathetic towards people; let everyone feel loved and have a sense of belonging. In that sense, I think inclusion clothing like disability T-shirts or tees is the best way to create awareness among people. Hopefully, the next time you meet a neurodivergent kid or person, you will be more empathetic and understanding. Thank You!

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