How Can You Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Posted September 8, 2022 by in Fashion
woman's new balance sneakers on pavement

Having the right pair of shoes can make your outfit look much more complete and polished. But what kind of shoes do you need? There are so many kinds of shoes available, from athletic to business-casual, that it can be hard to figure out which ones best fit your lifestyle and how to pick out just the right ones! We will walk you through the steps on how to find the perfect pair of lifestyle shoes.

Woman in fall friendly outfit and New Balance sneakers sitting outside on a park bench

Go for colors you would wear with your clothes

The main thing you need to consider is what colors you wear most. If you are a classic black or white outfit wearer, blue shoes are a better bet, while if you are into softer color palettes with pinks and other pastels, then pink will be your go-to shoe. However, this is not set in stone: if you buy shoes that work well with the colors in your wardrobe, anything goes!

Keep an open mind

It is always difficult finding that perfect pair of shoes. One might be looking for a distinctive style, width, height, and shape. No matter what the search is for, the most important thing is to have an open mind and to be prepared to purchase more than one pair. Sometimes it takes trial and error or a series of purchases until one finally finds what they are looking for but is not ready to part with yet.

Mix it up with prints

For those looking for some major variety, some shoes come in prints. Floral patterns and animal prints can add a fun flair to any outfit but be careful not to confuse comfort with cuteness because some styles may be more suitable for the style than function. Sneakers are also always a good option, which offer a timeless look and often feature different colored laces, logos, or embroidery which give off an edgy vibe. 

For those who like to mix their casual and formal wear, polka dot loafers will match with about anything you wear from denim skirts to work attire. And one last suggestion is loafers in all black which will go with everything!

Nothing wrong with comfort

It is important to make sure that you are comfortable in your shoes. Many factors go into determining whether a shoe will be comfortable for you, like the material, heel height, and width. Heels must feel natural or otherwise can put too much pressure on your foot. 

An effective way to make sure you are buying a shoe that is right for you is to have both feet measured before purchasing anything. 

Easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet

High-end footwear is easy to find and buy, but you might end up with a product that you regret. Consider these few factors before spending your hard-earned money on shoes: how much time will they spend being worn, what climate conditions do they need to manage, how are they constructed and will they be comfortable. 

A shoe must fit well from heel to toe and feel good on your foot to work for your feet. There is no point in having beautiful leather loafers if it cramps your toes or raises blister after blister when you wear them for too long.

Pay Attention to Special Details

Consider price and comfort. Sometimes, when you are looking for a special-occasion shoe or a show-stopping dress, it may be worth splurging on something that will look beautiful and feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you are shopping for everyday basics like sneakers or a pair of ballet flats, look for shoes at a variety of prices to find what suits your budget best. 

Keep an eye out for special editions. When it comes to vintage clothing or limited-edition sneakers from your favorite brands, there is always a way to make sure you do not miss out by following their social media accounts, signing up for their newsletters, or using email alerts sent straight to your inbox!

Always try new things

It is important to always be open-minded to new things. By doing this, you can try on shoes that you may never have worn before and find a style that suits your personal preferences. Some people like more athletic shoes, while others prefer slip-on. It is important to explore what is out there because by doing so, you will find a shoe that satisfies all your needs.

Redheaded woman in all black outfit leaning against brick wall while wearing New Balance sneakers

You are now an expert on how to find a perfect pair of shoes. Remember, this knowledge is just to get you started. The best way to get used to shopping for shoes is to try things on and see what works best for you! With these tips, you will be confident in your purchase!