How Can You Save More With Weed Delivery?

Posted January 10, 2022 by in Lifestyle

The 2018 cannabis act has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and now, adults in Canada can carry 30 grams of marijuana legally. The legalization of weed has changed the Canadian marijuana industry. With the emergence of new players in the market, now getting marijuana is easier than ever. Companies supply weed to your home in provinces where weed delivery is allowed. While the legalization has made scoring weed easier, at the same time, it has made the product costs increase by almost twice.

So, if you don’t mind the additional costs, choosing weed delivery services is a better option for you. These additional costs save you from a lot of the hassle and risks. You won’t believe us if we say you can save more with weed delivery services, but it is true. Let’s see how.

Saving Money with Weed Delivery

Saving money using weed delivery services isn’t rocket science, and anybody can do it with little effort. If you like e-commerce shopping and delivery, the weed delivery module will work best for you. With the rapid digitalization, the weed industry is also pacing up and becoming more and more user-friendly. Nowadays, you can find many weed dispensaries online. With delivery models like Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS), and Pick-Up at Curb (BOPAC), you can order the weed online and then receive it either at the store or any other location of your choice. These dispensaries, like online marketplaces, give heavy discounts to new customers. Apart from these dispensaries, many websites also offer home delivery of weed. The dispensaries are primarily located in particular provinces and usually don’t deliver products to other provincial areas. It is because weed delivery has some regulations even after the legalization of weed. 

However, the online weed delivery services can cover almost all provinces where delivery is legal, giving a better option to consumers. These websites feature a regular sale where customers can get premium-quality weed at discounted prices. You can also save more by placing a bulk order with these websites because buying in bulk is always cost-effective. Besides saving you from the daily hassle of visiting the dispensary, buying in bulk also cuts the cost of visiting those places to buy the pot. 

How to Place Orders with Weed Delivery Services

Placing an order with weed delivery services is no big deal. At the same time, the local dispensaries advertise their number and other contact details at most of the places in your locality. You can find online weed delivery services by a simple google search of “Weed delivery near me.” Once on the website or application, everything is similar to shopping like on Amazon, comparing different products, choosing and adding to the cart, and checking out.

By comparing other websites, you can also save more on your pot. It’s better to know that these weed delivery services don’t deliver at the office or hotel addresses. If it’s medical cannabis, the address on your card must match the delivery address. Additionally, you must be physically present to receive the order.

Weed Delivery in Different Provinces

If we go by the Canadian federal laws, all types of marijuana use are legal in the country; however, these laws have certain complexities due to which provinces have some degree of autonomy. The autonomy helps provinces set marijuana laws within their boundaries and differs throughout the country. For example, In Ontario, customers can place orders online through food apps, but they need to visit the store to take delivery. At first, in British Columbia, there was only a single government-run dispensary available. Now, there are more than 200 privately owned legal stores selling and delivering weed in the whole province.

Additionally, you can store up to 1 Kg of weed at home in British Columbia compared to 30 grams of national allowance. Similarly, if you live in Manitoba, there is no limit on home possession of weed. If we talk about the limited cultivation, Canadian federal laws allow up to 4 plants per household except in Manitoba and Quebec, where it is illegal to grow marijuana plants in homes. The other factor which needs your attention is the possession limit. In the federal cannabis act, cannabis means dried weed, and it has many equivalents. In federal definitions, 1 gram of dried weed is equivalent to 70 grams of liquid product, 0.25 grams of concentrates, 15 grams of edibles, 5 grams of fresh marijuana, or 1 cannabis plant seed. 

Alternatives of Weed in Canada: 

Products like Cannabidiol (CBD) are extracted from marijuana or hemp plants and are federally legal in Canada. Besides being primarily legal, CBD products are available in different types like Oils, vapes, tinctures, gummies, capsules, and much more. Compared to weed, CBD products are more readily available anywhere in the United States. You can easily find CBD products in gas stations, head shops, and local farmers’ markets. Many users have also reported that CBD products can help with chronic pain, PTSD, and other stress-related problems. These benefits of CBD products can help medicinal marijuana users who don’t like the intoxicating effects of weed. 

Legal weed delivery services have opened a whole new way of business. The local dispensaries are giving tough competition to online weed-selling companies. However, as mentioned at the start, legal weed is costlier, and consumers need a little research to save more through weed delivery. So, if you can invest some time, you will save much more through weed delivery. You should also care about the local marijuana laws because only that weed is legal, which is brought from legal stores. Apart from Alberta and Quebec, where it is 18 years, the minimum legal age is 19 for buying weed all over Canada. 

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