How Construction Mats Are Saving Lawns

Posted September 29, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Nothing makes a house look more like a home than a lush, carefully tended, manicured lawn. When the ground around a house is carefully cultivated, it makes a dwelling look welcoming, comfortable, and attractive.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for that beautiful, well-maintained lawn to become unintentionally destroyed by heavy vehicles and even foot traffic. This unfortunate damage is widespread during remodeling, siding or window installation, plumbing work, roofing, and even landscaping projects like tree-cutting.

Luckily, there is a simple way to avoid this damage: insist that all contractors use construction mats when driving any kind of equipment on your beloved yard.

What Is a Construction Mat?

A construction mat is a portable surface used to protect grounds that will be traversed by large, heavy equipment and vehicles during construction, remodeling, landscaping, and other projects that require massive apparatus. 

Construction mats are flat platforms usually constructed of plastic, fiberglass, rubber, wood, or composite materials. These mats are placed on the surface of a lawn before any equipment drives onto it. 

Today’s composite construction mats are lightweight and easier to use than the wooden ones that old construction crews used. These can reduce the damage inflicted on a lawn by large equipment and vehicles. They keep tires from getting stuck in the ground and creating large ruts that can take years to disappear.

What Are the Kinds of Construction Mats?

Various kinds of construction mats are for specific types of jobs:

  • Access Mats – These mats create paths for vehicles and foot traffic in difficulty-navigated areas with soft ground, like swamps.
  • Pipeline Mats – These mats generally consist of sturdy hardwood and reduce ground pressure by stabilizing and distributing equipment weight.
  • Rig Mats – These mats are usually created from wood and steel, offering stability for a larger mat size that can support higher weights.
  • Mud Mats – These mats are lightweight and easily portable, usually folding up into a compact size. They are used to avoid rutting on areas with firm ground.
  • Crane Mats – These are the most heavy-duty construction mats designed to bear the weight of the heaviest equipment.

Why Is a Construction Mat Better than Other Solutions?

Short of construction mats, the most common solution to lawn damage is the use of plywood planks to protect a surface. 

However, these planks are not as durable as construction mats, and thus, you will need to replace them much more often. This lack of durability costs contractors more money in the long run, driving up the price that a homeowner pays for the contractor’s services.

Other Benefits of Access Mats

While construction mats certainly protect lawns, they also provide several other benefits.

Access mats make construction sites and other projects involving large, heavy equipment and vehicles more environmentally friendly. In fact, the EPA and state and local government agencies tasked with protecting the environment often require construction mats in large-scale projects.

Construction mats also offer better protection and reduced wear and tear on construction equipment and vehicles, benefiting contractors along with the homeowners who hire them.

If your property undergoes any major contracting in the future, insist that the contractor you hire uses construction mats to protect your lawn. Doing so will keep your lawn looking beautiful and inviting.