How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors and Shower Cabins Clean?

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spotlessly clean hotel bathroom

Every time any one of us visits a hotel, we can’t resist but appreciate the cleanliness of the restroom. The sparkly glass shower doors, clean bathroom essentials, pristine floors, and spotless tiles amaze us and we start to wonder how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean and shiny? What’s the secret? And how could we achieve this level of cleanliness?

The first counter-though to pop up in mind is that the hotel management has a whole dedicated team to achieve this purpose, and make the place clean and shiny for all clients every time. Hotel cleaning staff get to deal with different situations as some people leave the place real messy. How can we compete with that, right!

But the truth is, there are some tips and tricks that the hotel staff uses in order to keep the glass shower doors spotless. We will try to unveil some techniques used by hotel employees in this blog. 

crop of hand cleaning a hotel shower glass door with a squeegee

  1. Regularity 

Glass is a low-maintenance material. It doesn’t require extensive cleaning to shine. However, the key to achieving a perfectly spot-free glass enclosure is regularity. As employees are specially hired to do the job on a daily basis, so the glass doors look as clean as new. 

It’s quite hard for the homeowners to take time out to clean the glass enclosure on a daily basis. However, you can achieve close to perfect cleaning excellence by making it a weekly routine. Make sure to wipe your glass enclosure clean with a microfibre cloth to avoid the glass panels from getting water stains. 

  1. Employ Water Softener 

The nature of water in some areas is inherently hard. Hard water is bad news for glass enclosures. Due to constant exposure to water and moisture, hard water deposits form on the edges of the glass doors and leave the glass panels stained. In order to avoid this issue, hotels use water softeners in the showers and bathroom taps. The water softener effectively lowers the chance of hard water deposits and makes it easy for the employees to clean the glass doors. 

If you have a hard water issue in your area, make an appointment to install a water softener in your bathroom. 

  1. High-Quality Microfiber Cloth

Another secret technique of hotel employees is to use high-quality cleaning cloth. It may sound insignificant to you. But the right cleaning cloth actually does wonders. Homeowners tend to use any piece of cloth for wiping the glass doors. That’s why they mostly end up with streaks and lint residue on the glass doors. Hotel employees on the other hand make it a point to use premium quality microfibre weave that leaves no traces of scratches or lint. You can experience the difference in glass door cleaning by switching from an ordinary cloth to a microfiber glass cleaning cloth. 

gloved hand using a microfiber cloth to clean a bathroom counter

  1. Glass Cleaners

Cleaning the glass doors with mild glass cleaners is a great way to clean and polish the glass panels at the same time. Hotel employees use ammonia-free glass cleaners to wipe the dirt and water marks off the glass doors. These cleaners also give an added shine to the glass doors. 

You can also bring a good quality glass cleaner to clean your glass doors. Homemade cleaners, however, are more effective, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. Here are some easy DIY cleaners for you.

  • Soap Water Solution You can make the simplest cleaner by just adding a solution of water and soap. Dip the cleaning cloth in the solution and wipe the glass door with it. Take a dry cloth to sweep the door dry.
soapy water solution to clean windows and glass
  • Lemon Water Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of water. Mix the solution well and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the shower doors and wipe the glass panels dry with a clean piece of cloth. This solution would make your shower smell great too. 
DIY lemon juice window cleaner

  • Vinegar CleanerTake half a cup of vinegar in a bowl. Add half a cup of baking soda to it and mix the solution well until it becomes a runny paste. Apply the paste gently onto the shower doors. Let the solution sit on the doors for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse the doors clean with water. This cleaner works great for getting rid of stains and spots. 
using white vinegar to clean glass
  1. Shower Coatings 

Shower coating is a permanent solution for effortless glass door cleaning. Most hotels have shower glass coating on the shower glass to ensure pristinely clear glass enclosures. The shower coating not only makes cleaning easy but also enhances the service life of the enclosure. There are different types of shower coatings. Some shower coatings offer lifetime protection while others are effective for some years. The protection layer is coated onto the glass surface during the construction phase. However, you can also go for spray-on coatings. 

Shower coating is highly recommended for residential as well as commercial purposes. Make sure to get your shower glass coated to retain its shine and integrity for a longer period of time. The cleaning time is also reduced significantly with shower glass coating so go for it.

The spotless and sparkling hotel shower doors are totally achievable at home. You just need to direct your efforts in the right direction. You can effectively avoid soap and scum buildup by regulating the cleaning routine and making some changes in your cleaning choices. We hope you have found the answer to the tingling question “how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?” make sure to follow the easy instructions and achieve your desired level of clarity and shine.  

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