How Do You Maintain a Luxury Watch?

Posted September 22, 2023 by in Fashion
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Maintaining a luxury watch is vital to guarantee its life span and safeguard its value. Luxury timepieces are functional and often considered works of art, making their care and maintenance a top priority for watch enthusiasts. Read and learn some effective ways to preserve your luxury watch. Read on.

Tips for Keeping Your Luxury Watch in Great Shape 

Keeping your luxury or customized watch in great shape is simple if you follow the tips here. Here are some key steps to maintain a luxury watch:

Regular cleaning

Keeping your luxury watch clean is crucial. Wipe it down with a delicate cloth free of lint to remove residue, sweat, and fingerprints. For more in-depth cleaning, use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water. 

Gently brush the case, bracelet, and the spaces between links. Rinse well with clean water, then dry with a soft cloth.

Service regularly

Luxury watches are intricate machines with delicate moving parts. For the best result, have your watch serviced by a professional watchmaker or the brand’s approved service center every three to five years. During the servicing period, the watch will be dismantled, cleaned, and greased to maintain its ideal performance.

Appropriate storage

Whenever you’re not wearing your classy watch, store it in a watch box or a watch winder. Keep it away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and strong magnetic fields. Also, ensure it’s in a safe place to prevent accidental damage or theft.

Keep from scratches and impact

Be mindful of activities that might subject your watch to shocks, impacts, or scratches. Don’t put on the watch when you’ll be participating in physical activities such as DIY tasks or sports. Scratches on the crystal or case can be challenging and expensive to repair.

Bracelet and strap care

If your watch has a metal bracelet or strap made with leather, also be careful with the handling. Metal bracelets can accumulate dirt and sweat, so clean them regularly. Leather straps should be kept dry and away from direct sunlight to prevent drying out and cracking.

Wind mechanical watches

If you own a manual or automatic mechanical watch, keep it wound regularly, especially if you don’t wear it daily. A watch winder can help maintain the power reserve and keep the movement running accurately.

Check gaskets and seals

If your luxury watch is designed for water resistance, have the gaskets and seals checked and replaced if necessary during servicing. This ensures the watch remains water-resistant.

Maintain accuracy

If you notice your luxury watch losing or gaining significant time, consult a watchmaker for adjustment. Minor variations are normal, but consistent inaccuracies should be addressed promptly.

Avoid chemicals and solvents

Keep your watch away from chemicals, solvents, perfumes, and cosmetics. These substances can damage the case, crystal, or the seals that protect the watch’s inner components.

Insurance and documentation

Finally, consider insuring your luxury watch, especially if it’s high value. Keep all the documentation safe, including warranties, receipts, and service records.

Maintaining a luxury watch requires diligence, care, and periodic servicing. By following these steps and treating your timepiece respectfully, you can enjoy its beauty and functionality for generations. Finally, use these tips to keep your Seiko Mods brands in good shape.

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