How Do You Move Forward From Addiction in the Midwest?

Posted June 17, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

Overcoming an addiction is stated to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. It all starts with a desire to change and embrace healthier habits, and it evolves from there in whichever direction you manifest. Moving forward is about more than just committing, it is about doing. There is some useful advice in this post that will motivate, encourage and support your addiction journey. 

Assessing Your Needs: What Kind of Recovery Treatment is Appropriate?

There are dozens of treatment options for addiction. To answer the question of Outpatient vs. Inpatient Addiction Treatment: Which Is Right for You in the Midwest? You must make a realistic assessment of the severity of your addiction and all the ways that it hinders daily life. Are your relationships breaking down? Do you struggle to hold a job? What is happening with your finances? All of these are essential considerations. The graver the impacts of an addiction, the higher the likelihood that you could benefit from inpatient care models. 

Set Your Goals

Everyone has a reason why they want to leave addiction in the past, so what are yours? There is no right answer here; it could really be anything from hoping to reconnect with your children to recovering from debt and getting healthier. When you have a goal, it is something tangible to work towards. You can create steps to get to that point and uncover strategies for each part of your process. 

Do Not Focus on the Past

Focusing on the past only brings shame, intense guilt, anger, and resentment. These are four emotions that you do not need at the helm of your recovery journey. There is no point in thinking about the person you were when you became an addict. The main aim is to become the person you want to be instead. You can use lessons from your past, of course, but dwelling on mistakes and thinking about ‘what ifs’ is unhelpful and even detrimental to your healing. 

Ask for Input

Asking for help does not come naturally to everyone, especially those facing something like addiction. However, the value of a support network is infinite. With people around you who understand what you’re going through and show up to provide support, you are less likely to fall into isolation and give in to the addiction triggers. It can be scary, but if there is ever a time to be brave, it is now. 

Let It Happen as It Needs To

There is no one size fits all when it comes to recovering from an addiction. Letting your path go where it needs to go is all a part of meeting your goals. Have some patience for the process and lean into where your feet take you. It will take time, and there are no rules that dictate how long exactly. Some people make it happen in a few months, and it takes decades for others. The day will come. 

Moving forward from addiction is hard, but worth it. You will protect your health and general well-being and ensure that your life is lived to its fullest. 

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