How Hard Is It To Quit Smoking?

Posted January 12, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
Person Lighting Cigarette

If you are thinking about trying to be a little healthier, then one of the things that you might want to focus on is looking at whatever unhealthy habits you may have, and doing all you can to overcome them. This is not always easy or straightforward, of course, and some are easier to be rid of than others. But just making sure that you are avoiding them is going to be important. If you are a regular smoker, you might want to try and stop that habit, as it is a particularly pernicious and dangerous one.

Here are some tips for making it a little easier to quit:

Person Lighting A Cigarette

Cold Turkey

One method you may want to try is going cold turkey. As you probably know, this is when you simply stop smoking altogether, without cutting down – and without replacing the cigarettes with anything else. That means no nicotine replacement therapy and no smoking other herbs either! Going cold turkey can be very effective as long as you push past the initial difficulty and withdrawal, but some people find that it is simply impossible.

To make it easier, check out Allen Carr’s method for stopping smoking cold turkey, which has worked for many people before you.


If you think that this might not work for you – or you have tried it, and it definitely doesn’t – then you might instead want to try out something known as nicotine replacement therapy. This simply means that you replace cigarettes with another, less harmful form of nicotine consumption. That might include vape coils, e-cigarettes or traditional technologies such as patches and nicotine gum. Another option is to try a nicotine alternative, such as grinds—which contains about 50mg of caffeine instead of nicotine.

Many people find that these help them to overcome some of the worst aspects of craving, so it’s certainly something you might want to try out at the very least.

Group Therapy

Many of us find it a lot easier to change a habit if we have people around us doing the same, so that is why group therapy is known to be highly effective. When you are in a group of people all trying to stop smoking, you have greater accountability and you also find that you are much more likely to see the benefits in other people as well, thereby helping you to keep your motivation as strong as possible.

Group therapy comes in many forms, but it is always something you might want to consider, especially if you are struggling.


Remember that everyone is different, and that some people find it harder than others to stop smoking. As such, you should allow yourself to be patient, and bear in mind that some people have to try quitting a few times before they find success.

All in all, it should be perfectly possible to quit smoking, and it is not something that is beyond anyone as long as you put the necessary effort into it. So make sure that you are doing so as best as you can, and you should find that this really helps you.