How Important Is the Brow? All You Need to Know About a Picture Perfect Brow

Posted September 28, 2021 by in Beauty

The eyebrows are one of your most eminent facial features cause of all the numerous targets they achieve. The eyebrows shape the face, enhance the eyes, and they have a significant role in communication. Certainly, not everybody has naturally well-manicured brows; as a result, the eyebrows need to be regularly shaped, trimmed, and filled to achieve an elegant look. To achieve all these, Jeevi Brow Studio is your one-stop-shop.

To put more emphasis on this, below is what a nicely defined brow can do to your face.

Frames the Eyes

The correct eyebrow shape flatters and frames the eyes. A wrong brow shape can make you look old, angry, or tired. Nonetheless, there is no single appropriate eyebrow shape. You have to find out the right shape per your eye shape and face.

You may also use the current brow fashion to establish the appearance of your eyebrows.

Appear Younger

Aesthetically trimmed eyebrows give you a youthful look. Since the eyebrows are the first thing that people notice when you meet, no amount of makeup can be enough for a bad brow. Nicely groomed eyebrows lift your face and give your eyes a younger and larger appearance.

Correct “Flaws

The eyebrows can completely change one’s facial appearance by rectifying small “flaws” like eyes that are far apart or small eyes. A good brow shape can define your face and add length to it, alternatively, it can bring the eyes to the upper part of the face to hide imperfections on the lower part.

Refine Your Appearance

If you do not regularly groom your eyebrows, they can look bushy and untidy. On the contrary, well-trimmed brows give you a polished look that boosts your appearance. Even with no makeup, well-kept brows will give you a generally clean and refined look.

Alter the Shape of Your Face

Even though you cannot alter your face shape, your eyebrows can be modified to change the appearance of your face shape. For instance, a flat brow shape makes the face look shorter. Therefore, if you have a long face you may go for a flat brow shape to give you a shorter, well-balanced face.

Balance Your Face

Nobody has a perfectly shaped face but most people aspire to have one. Asymmetrical eyebrows can destroy your facial balance by making one eye look larger or altering your entire appearance completely. Well-outlined brows that are properly positioned appear more elegant to the eye. 

Reasons Why You Should Go for Professional Eyebrow Waxing

  • Professional waxing makes it take longer for the hair to grow back – unlike tweezing, waxing pulls out the brow hair from the roots. This implies that the hair will take much longer to grow back and you will maintain an elegant brow look for a long time. 
  • Get an elegant brow shape – using tweezers or trying a DIY waxing can leave you with an awkwardly arched brow that is too thin. Professional waxing experts can understand your desires and know what will be best for your face.
  • The treatment is faster and more comfortable – having a professional waxing session leaves you with less pain. They apply the wax only on the intended hair and it gets pulled out quickly and generally painlessly. You will also have no other side effects except some redness that will go in some time. 

Generally, a well-groomed brow is a must-have for anyone who wants to have an elegant facial appearance. Go for your desired look and make sure you contact a professional in the beauty field.