How Installing New Backplates can Enhance Your Old Cabinets and Furniture

Posted October 17, 2020 by in Home
Backplates on white cabinets

Taking care of furniture and old wooden cabinets is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to keep your furniture’s quality maintained after they get installed. It is essential to ensure that the installed furniture is looking great and is, after all, giving your home a good interior.

In the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, cabinets are often the most used parts of furniture. They are generally opened and closed by using knobs.

Backplates are often used widely to cover the drilled holes and enhance the look of drawers and cabinets. They come in different varieties, shapes, and sizes to give cabinets and drawers a new look and make the furniture look beautiful. 

Let’s have a look at what a cabinet backplate is and what are its uses in furniture…

Cabinet backplates are installed flush against a cabinet’s door beneath the escutcheon of the pull and knob being used. They are used in conjunction with a pull or a knob to camouflage existing holes or add extra detail and interest in them. If you use them properly, they can enhance your kitchen cabinets’ look and help your furniture show off newly installed pulls or knobs.

Good quality backplates can be found on the internet by using the type and metal you want. For example, you can buy cabinet knob backplate brushed nickel online if you are particularly looking for nickel backplates, etc.

By regular use, knobs and pulls tend to get rough and become dirty. We need to change them often to make sure that our cabinets are in good shape and appearance. A lot of us often experience the problem while changing our knobs and pulls because we have to fit the new knobs and pull in either larger or smaller holes, as per their respective sizes and shapes. Some of our cabinets, drawers, etc. have the proper drills to fit the new pulls or knobs, but some of them do not acquire the same holed drills as needed. Backplates are used widely across the world to fix this problem as they are a perfect solution to this issue.

A backplate can provide you with the right needed drilled hole for the new knob and pull and, at the same time, can enhance your cabinets and drawers’ appearance drastically. There are various ways in which backplates such as cabinet knob backplate brushed nickel can do so. 

A backplate is placed at the backside of your knob, allowing you to hide the older inappropriate holes. At the same time, it will give your knobs and cabinets with a new and fresh look. Replacing the old knobs with new ones with a stylish backplate can help you go a long way in making your cabinets and furniture look excellent and make your home look great.

Today, brands such as Addison Weeks offer a great variety of backplates and different furniture accessories for home and kitchen. Making it easier for you to access a great variety of products and accessories and make your home look lovely. 

Installing new backplates can not only enhance how your cabinet knobs or pulls look but can entirely change the theme of your furniture. The best part about backplates is that you can buy them in different shapes and sizes and other designs. These days there are varieties of metals available, such as cabinet knob backplate brushed nickel, brass, etc.

Also, easy online availability makes it easy for everyone to order backplates, knobs, and pulls by ourselves and install them individually. 

We can benefit a lot from installing new backplates in our furniture cabinets and drawers. These can enhance and change the way our home and furniture looks. However, while purchasing them, we must be investing in good quality backplates.

Although, a lot of online companies sell backplates and related stuff for the home decor. It is crucial to choose the ones which offer the highest quality. Addison Weeks is one such online platform that delivers quality backplates, jewelry, and hardware products. Considered one of the trusted brands by thousands of customers worldwide, it has remained a world-class online shopping website for backplates and hardware products.

Make sure that while shopping for backplates, pulls, and knobs, you always select excellent quality.