How Interior Brutalism Is Making a Major Comeback in 2023

Posted June 12, 2023 by in Lifestyle
interior brutalism

Brutalism as a design aesthetic began in the 1950s. Since then, it’s come and gone in waves, but recently it’s returned with a few changes.

Interior brutalism isn’t for everyone, but many people love its harsh edges and unique aesthetic. We’re here to talk about how people are changing brutalist spaces to make them more comfortable, lively, and creative. Read on to learn more.

interior brutalism

What Is Interior Brutalism?

First, let’s discuss the basics of interior brutalism.

Interior brutalism is a style of architecture and design that focuses on raw and exposed materials, such as concrete, steel, and brick. These materials create a unique and bold look inside buildings.

It often features large and open spaces and uses geometric shapes and strong lines. There isn’t much softness in interior brutalism (though that is changing).

Interior brutalism aims to showcase the honesty and strength of the materials to create a distinct and powerful atmosphere. Some people appreciate its minimalist and industrial aesthetic, while others find it too harsh or cold. 

In 2023, people have taken classic interior brutalism and modified it by collaborating with designers and home remodeling contractors

Adding Organics

Brutalism is all about manufactured materials. Think of what you would imagine seeing in a warehouse. That’s what’s at the core of interior brutalism. 

However, in 2023, people are making some adjustments. They’re adding organic materials to their spaces to “warm them up” and give them some life. 

People are using things like industrial-style wood slab countertops, antique wooden furniture, and even plants to add a unique touch to their spaces. It’s remarkably effective. These small touches do a lot to modernize brutalist spaces and make them more visually interesting. 

Creating Cozier Spaces

Brutalism is anything but cozy when it’s in its “true form.” 

The hard and dull materials with a white, grey, and black color scheme may not seem comfortable on the surface, but people are upgrading the “cozy factor” with some modifications.

They’re adding soft fabrics to modernist pieces, like hanging tapestries on brick walls. They’re using candles and fireplaces to warm up the space. They’re also creating cozy nooks for things like dining and reading. 

The Artist’s Loft Aesthetic

Modern brutalist spaces seem to emulate the interior design of artists’ lofts. They look like warehouses but they also have vibrancy and artistry to brighten up the space.

People are hanging artwork, using unique colors to break up the drab aesthetic, and incorporating more “quirks” in their decorations. This does a lot to bring life to the brutalism trend

Is Interior Brutalism the Right Aesthetic for You?

Not everyone loves the look of interior brutalism. It can be harsh and cold, and some people find it too uncomfortable for a home. With a few modern modifications, however, you can turn a brutalist space into a comfy, creative, and unique home. 

Consider contacting your local design and remodeling companies to discuss a brutalist aesthetic for your home.

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