How Long Does a Resin Driveway Last?

Posted September 17, 2023 by in Home
White Range Rover in driveway

If you’re thinking of redoing your driveway, you might be considering a resin driveway, and wondering how long it will last, and whether it’s actually any better than the other materials. Here’s everything that you need to know about resin driveways.

What are resin driveways?

There are two types of resin driveways: a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway. Both types of resin driveway have their benefits and purposes.

Resin bound driveways

A resin bound driveway is a permeable paving solution that helps to eliminate puddling and reduces flood risk. A resin bound driveway consists of dried aggregate stones mixed with resin that is trowelled onto a base.

When properly installed, the finish of resin bound driveways is smooth and level, as the gravel is bound in the resin. It will last longer, on average, than a resin bonded driveway.

Resin bonded driveways

Resin bonded driveways look like gravel with loose stones, but the stones do not migrate. The surface provides a high level of grip, especially when compared to the resin surface of resin bound driveways.

Resin bonded driveways are not permeable, and so drainage must be considered when installing them, and stones may loosen over time.

How long will a resin driveway last?

According to Guardian Resin, how long your resin driveway lasts will in part depend on whether you get a resin bound driveway or a resin bonded driveway. Typically, a resin bound driveway is recommended. The average guarantee covers a resin bound surface for 10 to 20 years, but if installed correctly and maintained well, it can last up to 25 years.

A resin bound driveway should not require a lot of maintenance, so it should be easy to stretch its lifespan to 25 years. The best ways to make a resin bound driveway last are to wash it regularly and park in slightly different positions.

What are the benefits of a resin driveway?

If you’re considering a resin driveway, you will likely be wondering what the benefits of a resin bound surface are. Well, here they are:


Resin bound paving can be used in lots of ways, it makes a great driveway but it can also be used in patios, car parks, and anywhere else you’d use block paving. If you’re looking to decorate more than just your driveway, then resin bound paving is a great option.

Aesthetically pleasing

Resin bound driveways are considered to be one of the best looking options out there. It can be incredibly customizable, which is perfect for people who want unique designs and textures.

Easy and quick to install

Resin bound paving is quick to install, which can be really useful when you’re redecorating your home. It gives you the chance to use your driveway again much quicker than other materials, limiting the inconvenience of the installation process.

Things to consider when getting a resin driveway

If you’re getting a resin driveway, there are a few things that you should consider. For example:

Using the right type of resin

To help make your resin bound driveway last, you should be sure to use the right type of resin for your driveway or it could crack which will then need to be repaired which is not as simple as with other materials. You will want to consider whether to opt for a darker finish that is less likely to be damaged by ultraviolet light, or whether to go for a lighter finish that may better fit your aesthetic needs.

Hiring a professional

You may feel tempted to do resin driveways yourself, but if you want resin paving you should hire a professional. They will know how to properly install resin surfaces taking into account sustainable urban drainage systems and resin forming, and will even be able to give you a few maintenance tips to help you make your resin paving last much much longer.

Maintenance is key

Once your resin driveway is installed, it is important that you keep on top of the maintenance. To maintain a resin driveway you should:

  • use a light pressure wash to keep the surface clean
  • keep on top of snow and ice removal by carefully using a plastic snow shovel
  • use a household cleaner liquid soap to clean oil and fuel spillages from the entire driveway
  • move your car regularly to avoid moss growth
  • take care when using things like a stiff broom on the surface

The best way to keep your driveway clean is to brush it to remove rubbish and debris, and then use a light pressure wash to clean it. Do not, however, use boiling water on the resin surface as it can create a hole.

You should always avoid using metal on the driveway – hence the plastic shovel when it comes to removing snow in cold weather – because it can chip and damage the resin bound surface. Using plastic is much safer and will make sure that it lasts longer.

How much will a resin bound driveway cost?

The next biggest question you have is probably how much a resin driveway will cost. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight answer for this question, because it will depend on the shape of your resin installation, the design of the resin installation, and what kind of resin it is that you’re using. Your resin depth and edging requirements can also impact the cost of your resin driveway cost. As can where in the country you are; in bigger cities, it might cost more for you to get a resin bound driveway installed than in smaller towns, for example.

To get an idea of what your resin driveway will cost you, the best bet is to contact a professional and get them to give you a quote.