How Long Does Cannabis Last Based on Consumption Methods?

Posted April 21, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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The reaction to cannabis depends on a large range of factors. From biological makeup – that is – sex, body weight, metabolism, and tolerance to chemicals. How often you consume cannabis is also a major part of it. Even how much you have eaten before, can alter how marijuana feels. The amount of active substances in a cannabis product has an impact on the time you will feel high and the concentration of active substance varies in each strain. 

Remember that different types of delivery can produce different bodily reactions as well. Researchers say that the high effect of eating fifty milligrams of edibles will last longer than smoking the half gram joint! This gives you an insight into how much the method of consumption changes.  You should also keep in mind that drinking before using cannabis can dramatically change the effects of THC. It may lead to unpleasant results like dizziness, sweating, or nausea. 

Because of these factors, every person will have a different experience when they use cannabis. The same dosage can lead to one person experiencing an intense high, and another feeling mild effects that do not last that long.  

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How Long Do the Effects Last?

As it was highlighted before, the method of consumption, the dose, and potency of cannabis influences the time of the effects peak and how long the high will last. The effects of those reactions depend on their intensity and one’s sensitivity to them. That is why you can find lots of reports that the effects of cannabis can last from five up to twenty hours.

Smoking vs. Vaping

Smoking the flower is still the most popular method of marijuana consumption. You can also find concentrates in the form of wax or resin. While inhaling cannabis, THC is being delivered straight to the lungs. The onset of the high will be felt within thirty to sixty minutes after the inhalation. The high can last even to a few hours. The very first effects can even begin to feel within 2 to 10 minutes.

From the first hour, the feeling of high will diminish quickly until it is impossible to feel any effects of THC. After three hours, you will hit the total sobriety point again. Of course, the amount of taken cannabis will influence the time of high and possible side effects.

Vaping gives you the possibility to deliver small hits and control the amount of substances that are inhaled. The effects last a few hours. 


Ingested cannabis, in comparison to the smoked one, lasts longer and feels more intense. Edibles are food infused with marijuana’s active components. They can vary a lot when it comes to the form. Brownies, gummies, and candies provide the long-lasting high.

As edibles are absorbed through the digestive system, it takes from thirty minutes to even three hours for the onset. The time of effects depends on the food type that was consumed. The substances are transported to the bloodstream, and thanks to that, the high can last even to nine hours. But do not worry in advance. The high is mild during the last few hours. You should also bear in mind that it is hard to predict the timing as digestive and metabolic processes function individually.


This is the fastest way of delivery method. A strong concentrated form of marijuana (up to 90% THC) is smoked through a pipe. They have a higher THC count than other forms of cannabis, so the onset of the effects is almost immediate. Remember that this type of consumption is more dangerous for people who have never tried weed or they do it only occasionally. Dabs are usually used by experienced consumers who know the possible side effects of dabbing. 

When we say dangerous, we more so mean that the effects will be so powerful that it won’t be an enjoyable experience for you. The feeling of being too high is not fun.  

There is even a scientific way to calculate the time of the weed high you can expect. It emphasizes the most important factors which determine how long the marijuana effects will last – dose, concentration, metabolism, tolerance, and delivery method. The equation looks like this: Length of High = ( (dose x concentration) / (metabolism x tolerance) ) x delivery method

Cannabis effects everyone differently, so it is almost impossible to predict the exact time for how long you will feel the effects. It is always worth starting with a low dose and wait for the first effects to appear. You should keep in mind that marijuana influences every sensory system, and it has psychological effects, like cognitive impairment and motor impairment. Sometimes it leads to the feeling of anxiety.

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