How Many Times Can You File for Disability Benefits?

Posted April 6, 2020 by in Lifestyle
applying for disability benefits

Have you been denied disability benefits even though you need them? Applying for disability benefits can be a hassle, but even more so when you’re fighting an uphill battle to get approved. Too many people are forced to appeal their social security disability claim or reapply, which makes the matter of being away from work even more stressful.

Today, we’re going to help you figure out the answer to the question, “how many times can you file for disability?”, so you can get what you deserve. Sure, there are people that abuse the system, but you shouldn’t have to fight for disability benefits when you really need them.

How Many Times Can You File For Disability?

In short, there’s no actual limit on how many times you’re allowed to apply for benefits. You can also appeal the decision when you’ve been denied. However, there are some interesting things that you might want to consider before you go through this process.

Why Appeal?

Most disability cases are initially denied, so the logical first step is to appeal the decision. Appealing allows you to continue to work towards getting your application approved by hiring a lawyer (check out these disability lawyers) to fight on your behalf.

If an interesting issue is raised, like a conflict of interest or new information that sheds light on your situation, an appeal could be approved. However, you may go through several rounds of appeals without gaining any ground. The appeal process is notoriously lengthy, so you have to be prepared to go the long haul.


When you re-file, you lose the protective filing date from your first application, but it can be better in certain circumstances because of how long appeals last.

For instance, if you’ve got significantly more information to boost your claim, which wasn’t available to you when you first filed, it might be faster to re-file rather than appeal. Or, if your condition is worse than when you filed your first claim, it might also be better to submit a new one.

When appeals get to the Administrative Law Judge, you cannot file a new application, so you need to make a decision on the matter before it gets to this point. 

Why You Are Getting Denied?

Some people apply again and again, but continue to get denied. Here’s why that might be:

  • There’s a lack of medical evidence describing why your disability interferes with your being able to work
  • You’ve ignored your treating doctor’s advice on how to recover
  • You’ve failed to provide the documents necessary to support your claim and/or cooperate with scheduled medical examinations

Follow Procedure to Get Your Disability Benefits

If you’re asking yourself, “how many times can you file for disability?”, you might be looking at this process the wrong way. Instead, focus on how you can get approved for your disability benefits by following the system’s guidelines. Doing things by the book and going through the appeals process the right way will help you get your benefits.

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