How Much Do Kitchen Renovations Actually Cost?

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Your kitchen is one of the most utilitarian areas of your home where, depending on its size, you must accommodate numerous utilities within a relatively limited space. You may often consider remodeling your kitchen to maximize the available area, upgrade appliances, simplify its usage, or maybe simply change the look. 

However, if you are looking to revamp how your kitchen looks completely, there are several things to consider. Whether you only want to change a few aspects of your present setup or you wish to start from absolute scratch, several factors will decide just how much you end up paying to renovate your existing kitchen. The main aspect that ultimately dictates your decision is kitchen renovation costs.

In this article, we shall discuss the various aspects that amount to the final bill of remodeling your kitchen. You can also visit the link provided for a different perspective of how kitchen renovation costs vary in Canada.

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Different Renovation Types that Decide the Final Cost


You can choose to paint the walls that are not covered by tiles or cabinets and even the ceiling. It is recommended to use premium quality emulsion paint to maintain the aesthetic standard as well as the durability of the paint. The cost of painting your kitchen will ultimately depend on the total area of the walls and ceilings being painted. Your vendor will account for labour and the material cost in their billing.

Modular accessories

You can choose to install accessories for modular kitchens for your modular as well as conventional kitchens. Several modular kitchen accessories are available, like corner units, bottle pull-out, cutlery organizers, pull-out baskets, and Thor kitchen 48 gas range which combines a burner or cook top for boiling, and sautéing with an oven for baking, roasting, etc.

Depending on your kitchen layout and the accessories already fitted, you need to make a list of the modular kitchen accessories you will install during the renovation process. Check online for different brands selling these accessories and make an informed judgement balancing cost and quality. You can drop into your nearby kitchen accessory store and speak to an expert.

Electrical appliances

A modern kitchen will need several electrical appliances to simplify operations. They include dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, chimneys, cooktops, and more. Most electrical appliances have a wide range of pricing depending on their characteristics like quality, capacity, build material, features, brand, etc. You would want to make an exhaustive list, just as you would for modular accessories, and then try to get quotes from multiple brands to compare and optimize costs. As a general best practice, try to acquire quotes from at least 2-3 different manufacturers or vendors.


Storage is an essential function of any kitchen. Whether you wish to store cooked food, ingredients, tools, crockery, or cutlery, your kitchen would need several cabinets for storage. The various kitchen cabinets include shuttered panels and upper and lower cabinets with drawers. Most modern and conventional kitchens use plywood with a laminate finish on the outside to create these cabinets. 

Make a note to ensure that the ply is boiling water-resistant type. Customized cabinets are billed by the carpenters based on the built area. You can find your cost by multiplying the height of overhead and lower cabinets with their running lengths. Simply multiply the number with your carpenter’s rates to zero in on the final figure.

Electrical fixtures

Older kitchens may have outdated wirings, which bear substantial risks. An integral part of kitchen renovation is changing the wiring to the latest and safest wires in case of older wiring. 

  • The wiring cost will depend on the thickness and quality of the wires. 
  • You will also need to factor in the total length of the wires to be used, which you can do by measuring the distances between the switchboard to electrical appliances and other electrical wall points. 
  • Finally, you need to factor in labour charges, which your vendor will most likely include in the billing rate. 
  • Other than wires, you may also want to install newer fixtures like plug points, switchboards, LED strip lighting, fans, and more. 
  • Make sure to have a good idea of your requirement to get an accurate quote from your vendor or electrical store.

Kitchen sink

For a swanky modern kitchen having a spacious sink is a must. There are a few aspects that determine your expenses for installing a sink. The first is the sink itself. The price of a sink will depend on its size and features. 

  • For example, a sink with a vegetable bowl installed may be more expensive than a regular one. You also must keep the brand in mind while selecting the sink. 
  • Usually, since sinks are all about convenience, the larger they are, the better they will be. So, do select a large sink depending on the available space in your kitchen slab. 
  • The next aspect is the faucet that comes with a sink. Again, the cost will depend on elements like brand, features, and material. 

And finally, you have the labour cost to factor in to arrive at the final price.


The kitchen countertop is the central space of operation inside a kitchen. Several materials like nano white, quartz, solid surface, marble, or granite can be used to fabricate countertops. Your vendor will include the cost of the material with the size of the countertop to be installed and the labour charges to give you the final billing rate of installation.

Floor and wall tiles

And finally, kitchen flooring and tiling are both essential components of the kitchen, which will also account for a significant portion of your total renovation expense. The cost for both backsplash or wall tiles and floor tiles can be calculated by getting the total surface area to be covered. 

Do note that you must keep a 10-15% buffer in terms of the total area to account for wastage through breaking and cutting. Some kitchens may also need tiles for skirting, which must be included in the total expense.

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You may choose to carry out all or a few of these renovations together to completely redo your kitchen. It is important to have a budget in mind before you set off and then try to match each expense to meet the budget. Keep in mind that hiring a vendor for all these renovations together can help save on labour and material expenses due to overlaps.

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