How Much Height Do You Need for an Elliptical?

Posted March 25, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

When you plan to purchase an elliptical machine, you need to address several issues before the device arrives. A big issue of discussion here is about the machine’s space during the installation process. Actually, you need to have sufficient space for this device to get the best experience from it. 

However, when talking of space, we just don’t necessarily mean how expansive your exercise room is. Instead, the height also matters regarding where you will install the device. Now, what height do you require for an elliptical? 

Man wearing a red shirt using an elliptical machine at a gym.

How Much Height do You Need for an Elliptical? 

Elliptical machines get designed with different heights to fit various people all over. We have elliptical for short person as well as for taller guys. Short people have short-designed ellipses that fit them perfectly. On the other hand, taller guys have their options specially designed for them. also discussed the perfect height to install an elliptical, you should focus on your ceiling height. It’s essential to figure out the right place to set up the machine. Is that height sufficient to avoid hitting your head while exercising?

Now, this presentation covers widely about the preferable height to install your elliptical machine. Consequently, we shall comprehend the best places or sites where you should install such devices. 

Height Guidelines 

Selection of elliptical entails a lot of issues. Apart from the model to purchase, you need to mind where you will install/set it. Sellers advise prospective buyers to measure the space they intend to install the machine before heading to the market. This is of importance when selecting a device that will fit their spaces. Moreover, the measurements guarantee them an easy time during the installation process. 

Usually, most people measure their room’s length and width. They ignore the height; not knowing this measurement is paramount as well. There are minor accidents we get while exercising using the elliptical. Hitting the ceiling, for instance, is a common thing to most elliptical machine users. Therefore, the aspect of height becomes vital when talking about the elliptical machines and their installation. 

We have different elements that affect the height of the room intended for the installation of elliptical machines. Such factors include the foot pedals, mounted objects in the ceiling, and the ceiling height in general. Let’s gain more about these elements to direct us to the preferable heights we need to set our elliptical machines. 

The Foot Pedals 

Exercising on elliptical machines involves moving up and down. Remember, you will step on the foot pedals to start exercising. This is when you will have a rough idea of the highest point you reach while on the machine. Experts recommend buyers to measure their ceiling heights before they get to the market for these products.

So, while in the selection process, measure the height of attachment of the pedals from the floor. Add your height and subtract the sum from your ceiling height. 

Ceiling-Mounted Objects 

We usually decorate our ceilings with several things to make them have an appealing look. Apart from an excellent appeal, we mount other essential gadgets on ceilings like ceiling fans. All these objects are of great concern when determining the perfect height level to set an elliptical device. Other objects that don’t miss on ceilings are light bulbs. All these objects and many others can affect the ceiling height in different ways. 

Consequently, objects above the ceiling present risks to the elliptical users. Experts recommend installers to set the elliptical machine where there is no object above. Even if the items are essential to the room, try figuring out whether the headroom provided is sufficient. This prevents you from hitting up the ceiling or objects above the head while exercising. 

The Ceiling Height 

Lastly, the ceiling height marks everything when talking about proper height to set an elliptical. Remember, your elliptical will proportionally add to the overall height you measure. In the elliptical selling store, measure the height the machine adds to your height. The figure you obtain must be lower than the ceiling height. 

Consequently, remember there is space required between the roof/ ceiling and the head. We refer to this space as the buffer zone. The space is essential to prevent you from hitting your head to the ceiling. 

Ideal Height to Set an Elliptical Machine 

Typically, a ceiling height of between 8 and 10 feet is sufficient to install an elliptical machine. Taller guys require to set their devices in spaces with at least 8 to 10 feet. Such space takes care of their height and prevents them from hitting the roof or ceiling. 

Furthermore, a buffer zone is necessary if you mind yourself. When installing these machines, ensure the space of about four to six inches exists between the head and ceiling. The buffer zone can also mean space between the head and the object mounted on the ceiling. 

Dealing with Low Ceiling Heights 

Other people construct their houses with low ceiling heights. There are ceilings less than the recommended heights due to some reasons. Such rooms aren’t perfect to set up these machines. Instead, you can construct a new room that can accommodate your elliptical machine.

Consequently, if you lack otherwise, there is still another alternative. Worry less since you can still use an elliptical machine outside. However, a problem here is the hassle of getting it in and out of the house daily. You can avoid such hassles by ensuring you prepare the space you intend to set/install your elliptical. Take prior measurements to the room and ascertain it’s sufficient to accommodate your workout device. 

The height of your exercise room is paramount to prospects who plan to purchase workout devices. Remember, you require optimal comfort when exercising to get excellent results.

When minding the space to accommodate your elliptical, also value more about that particular space’s height. Ensure you leave the perfect buffer zone to prevent mishaps from hitting the ceiling. That way, you will truly enjoy the experience using an elliptical device.