How Self-Defense Can Form Part of Your Overall Health and Fitness Regime

Posted June 12, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

This article looks at how the inclusion of a self-defence program can benefit your overall health and fitness plan. It advocates that you should have some form of self-defence or martial arts in your exercise and overall health and fitness planning.

Why You Should Have a Health and Fitness Program

There is a bit of an assumption being made in this article that you already have some form of health and fitness program, but if you don’t, here’s why you should:

Proven health benefits of exercise mean that, no matter what age you are, there will be a form of exercise that you should undertake regularly that will serve to maintain muscle mass and improve bone density, as well as positively contribute to your mental health and wellness.

Exercise can reduce the risk of serious illnesses. Ongoing exercise where you challenge the heart and lungs is a good way to reduce your chance of an early death by at least 30%.

How to Include Martial Arts and Which Ones Are Trending

You will need to choose the specific martial art with care and ensure that the instructors that you’re considering have a positive reputation in the sector. There are blossoming self-defence clubs all over the country and self defence classes Sunshine Coast are a prime example of how these services and exercise options are available and offered to the entire family. Allowing those of all ages, shapes, and sizes to get involved and learn a new set of fitness skills.

Brazilian Jujitsu

This has become incredibly popular as a form of martial art, as its use and implementation in the UFC Octagon and free form fighting clubs has peaked. It is favoured by many as a form of fighting and exercise that includes both the stand and throw, as well as the groundwork, wrestling, holds, and pressure points. You need to be super-fit to engage in this sport.


This is more suited to the standing fighter and has a significant requirement for fitness for the punches kicks and sweeps. There has been a dramatic global increase in those between 40 and 50 that now look to practice karate, both as a form of self-defence as well to keep fit. It is a mix of cardio and repetitive stretching and also benefits from the inclusion of weight training.

Thai Chi

Its also known as Chinese shadow boxing and has been practiced by people of all ages for centuries as a form of defensive martial art. It has also specifically been used for health and meditation. The movements are slower than any other martial art and the focus is on feeling the body and getting to know and understand your movement.

The ability to follow a known martial artist or trainer in the online space, watch them on YouTube, and essentially do all your training in the privacy and comfort of your home is a common occurrence and one of the best ways to engage with any of the trends as mentioned herein. It is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness and will make your exercise regime more exciting and interesting.

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