How Should You Dress for the Opera in Accordance with the Protocols?

Posted April 12, 2022 by in Fashion
A Woman Wearing Her Dress while Looking at the Mirror

Was it ever brought to your attention that there is a process for dressing appropriately when attending the opera? Since you decided to check the opera tickets on ticket sites and you are ready to participate in one, we will go over the rules that you should be aware of regardless of whether you are looking for masculine or feminine clothes:

How to dress if you are going to the premiere opera house?

This may be when people dress more formally, given that premieres, particularly in high-caliber theaters, are typically covered by the media and that images taken at the event may be released afterwards. As a result, the more aesthetically prepared we are, the better.

In the case of men, they should dress in suits and ties, with a bow tie serving as an alternative to the traditional tie. This is the only method to demonstrate your appreciation for the function that is being developed. It is fine to wear a black, charcoal grey, or navy blue suit as far as colors are concerned. As an exception, a classic pinstripe suit could also be appropriate, but only in a thin stripe, which would be far more accurate.

To be sure, unless the theater is a major attraction, it will not be necessary to adhere to these recommendations. However, you should be aware that there are some theatres around the world where a discrete control is carried out to detect those who do not wear a tie or who do not meet the standards established for that theater, as they consider it to be a sign of disrespect not to comply with their rules and regulations.

A Woman Wearing a Black Dress while Looking at the Mirror

How to dress if you go to a regular performance?

In this situation, the narrative shifts, and you have the option of dressing elegantly while maintaining a much more relaxed and comfortable appearance.

When it comes to men, dark or coloured jeans, type 5 pocket, a long-sleeve shirt (no matter if it is printed, but it should not be too showy), and loafers are the best options. As for footwear, we can substitute this formal shoe with exquisite and discrete sneakers, such as those with black or brown laces and made of patent leather or other similar material. 

If the performance is at the Royal Opera House, it goes without saying that you should forego comfort and return to your suit or tuxedo for the occasion.

For women, you can also opt for exquisite jeans (no rips in the fabric and no wide mom fit style), something modest and tight, and pair it with a cute shirt and heels or platform shoes that also serve to elongate and accentuate the female body. 

You can, of course, wear flat shoes; they will not object to your entry; nevertheless, military boots and flamboyant laces should be avoided. The options are endless when it comes to colors; you can take inspiration from celebrities who have chosen white, green, red, and other bright hues. The wearing of bright colors is not prohibited, but neutral colors such as gray or black are recommended if you wish to succeed in your endeavors.

How to dress if the show is outdoors?

In this example, we shall forego the formal apparel in favor of a more relaxed look. When the opera is performed in a park or an outdoor courtyard, it can be a completely different experience, as you may be able to engage in light and calm conversation or even enjoy a picnic while the opera is being performed in the background, which is prohibited in a theater. 

Even sneakers and more casual style jeans are acceptable attire for such occasions, and we can forego any accessories or jewelry that may be distracting or inconvenient for us.

Having said that, if the performance is at night or in a prestigious location, we will need to dress more formally, even if we are still able to dress casually. This is because there will be guests attending in suits and ties or long dresses in the case of women, and we will need to be up to the task.

Teatro La Fenice, VE, Italy

How to dress if your seats are in the VIP area?

If your seats are in the VIP area, whether for a regular performance or a premiere, you should dress sophisticatedly. In addition, keep in mind that women will always be seated in the front row and to the right, so they should be more formally attired and visually appealing.

Gentlemen will also be expected to dress elegantly, and they are encouraged to put on their tuxedos for the event. As you can see, everything is dependent on the location where the play will be played, the time of day when it will be performed, and the seats from which you will be viewing the performance within the theater, among other factors.