How Surrounding Yourself With Wonderful Women Can Help You Achieve More

Posted May 25, 2023 by in Career

International Women’s Day takes place annually on March 8, but celebrating sisterhood all year round can help everyone achieve more. Women-only educational establishments can be a great choice for those who excel in a female-centric environment.

Girl Power

The benefits of female-only spaces have long been recognized, with organizations such as Girl Guides giving a safe space for females to grow. 

For those who find it difficult to interact with males due to past experience, lack of confidence or any other reason, educational establishments solely for women such as are an obvious choice, but there are many other reasons why you might choose a women-only university. 

People often talk about women raising the profile of other women. The way we can best do this is by creating strong networks where everyone is valued, such as women-only educational environments. The connections made in these safe spaces can be powerful and allow long-lasting relationships to be formed.

Women Only Educational Spaces Boost Equality

Empowering women through having women-only educational establishments not only boosts self-esteem but gives opportunities for women to share their opinions away from the male gaze. This can help women develop their own unique personality without being shaped by societal expectations.

Females may feel more comfortable to be true to themselves in an environment where they are not expected to interact with men, and they can ask questions and speak freely without fear of judgment in the form of ‘mansplaining’. Some women are more confident working alongside other females, especially in male-dominated subjects such as science, technology and math, and women-only universities can lead to a better balance within the STEM workforce.

The Health Benefits of Women-Only Universities

A female-only environment allows women to build relationships by sharing their emotions and personal experiences in a way they might not with men around. Many women feel more comfortable talking about mental health and gynecological issues in women-only spaces, leading to more open conversations around menstruation, pregnancy and other female issues. This can benefit women’s health, particularly as healthcare on campus can be specifically tailored to the needs of women.

A Safe Space

For some women, especially those who have been abused by men, being in the company of males can be triggering. Offering an alternative educational space centered around women and their needs is a way of ensuring equality and meeting a need for the most vulnerable females.

Women Supporting Women

Most women are more than happy to support each other, but that relies on them being comfortable enough to share their strengths. In the past, a confident woman might be seen as pushy or arrogant while a male with the same attributes would be praised. Thank goodness we now live in a world where women can shout about their achievements and capabilities and celebrate each other’s successes.

If you are looking for a university with a sense of community and that recognizes all that women have to offer, a female-only establishment could be the perfect choice.

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