How to Accessorize Your Prom Dress

Posted March 29, 2024 by in Fashion

When it comes to styling the perfect prom dress there are two components you need to think about ­– the right dress, and the right accessories. Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect dress, the perfect accessories will come in and tie your whole look together. Your prom is one of the special occasions that you want to feel and look your best for, and with these two key components taken care of, you can be sure that you are going to be every bit as confident as you should at your exciting event.

Here’s your guide to securing your dream dress and ideal accessories for your prom night…

Step One: The Dress

Finding the perfect dress can take time, and a bit of an investment. Be ready to invest in a beautiful quality dress that will see you through the night ahead, but also countless occasions ahead of you too! Focus on fit first, take your measurements and keep them with you while you shop to lead you to a style that will harmonise with your unique dimensions perfectly. You can also take a look inside your wardrobe and take note of any specific cuts, colours or fabrics you turn to on the regular to find something that you know you are going to feel your most comfortable and confident in.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you can get to the fun part of searching! Here are a few stunning prom dress ideas to set you on the right path…

Wear the Roses

Choose a statement gown in a bold shade of passionate red for an immediate serve. A princess cut silhouette with a cinched, defined bodice, flattering square neckline and full, floating skirt will make you look and feel like an absolute dream. The perfect finishing touches? Appliqued, dimensional floral motifs! This will make you feel like you are wearing a rose garden – what could be more romantic?

All That Glitters

A shimmering prom dress will catch the light as you move across the dance floor. Choose a maxi dress delicately studded with reflective sequins to radiate at your special occasion. An asymmetrical neckline and sheer panelling will bring additional design interest for a subtle yet statement look.

Minimalist with More

Minimalist dresses need not be boring! Choose a column cut strapless neckline with a figure-hugging fit for a stunning look that will never go out of style. Alternatively, a satin gown with thin straps, a cowl neckline and a high leg split is one of those tried and true silhouettes that looks stunning on everyone.

This choice will serve as the perfect canvas for all your accessorizing ideas – so if you’re all about the plus ones, then this one’s for you.

Step Two: The Accessories

With the right dress on your side, the right accessories are simply going to enhance the overall beauty of your whole look. Think of them as the perfect finishing touches to your outfit instead of the focus feature. Choose timeless quality styles that you can get plenty of wear out of such as shining pointed leather heels, dainty gold chains, statement diamante earrings and a leather clutch bag.

For a fun pop of personality, consider something a little different like a rosette necklace or a statement headband – these are great for a simpler silhouette that is calling out for a little company! Relax and have fun when you are styling up your prom dress, the great thing about accessories is that you can experiment, mix and match until you find something that feels completely you!

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