How To Accessorize Your Swimsuit

Posted March 24, 2022 by in Fashion
Woman in Black Bikini Standing on Beach

Anyone who likes fashion will tell you that accessories can make an old outfit new. With summer coming up, many women are looking to revamp their bikinis or their swimwear to give them a newfound sense of confidence on the beach or at the pool.

Accessorizing any outfit also gives you the chance to showcase your personality. So here are some swimwear accessories you can use to spruce up that bikini or tankini:

A Woman Wearing Accessories on Her Ear and Neck


The sarong is the classic beach accessory. Often wrapped around the hips, they can be triangular in shape or they can resemble a skirt that is light and flowing.

They come in multiple colors, designs and embellishments. Some people want cotton sarongs, others want chiffon ones – either way, when they are matched to your outfit, they ooze chic. 

They also offer protection from the sun. Which is great if you have fair skin or are vacationing in a hot country. They can also add color to a black bikini or frills to plus size swimwear from Lands End. 


A sunhat is a great way to protect your back and shoulders at the beach. 

The width of the brim is your choice; you may opt for something smaller for a modern feel or you may want to replicate the 1950s and have an enormous brim to your hat! They come in a range of colors, patterns and are often adorned with a ribbon. If you are crafty, you may want to add some accessories to your sunhat, like fabric flowers or butterflies. 

If you are going to wear your sunhat on a tropical beach, it may be best to choose one made from straw or cotton – that way, heat can escape and you will not overheat.


It is a sunny day, the water is reflective and there is minimal shade. Perfect for sunbathing, not great for seeing! Sunglasses can be added to any swimsuit and will add a touch of glamor. Larger sunglasses never go out of fashion and ca be found everywhere. Want something more minimal or oddly shaped? They are easy to find online! Even lenses that are different colors. In 2022, blue and purple lenses seem to be trending. So, this can be a great buy for a fashionista!


It is always wise not to wear expensive jewelry to the beach. A trip into the water and that diamond necklace may never be seen again.

But that does not exclude jewelry from beachwear. You can choose many fashionable items to accessorize your swimwear and they can be personalized. Wooden jewelry is always popular as are beach themed items, such as shells – especially Paua shells which are stunning and affordable. 

Beach Bag

You will need something to carry your sunscreen in, and your phone. So, this is where a beach bag is an ultimate accessory with function. 

Beach bags are often lighter and are typically made from natural materials, seagrass and cotton are common and always stylish. Many beach bags are larger than average bags too, so you can easily pack a towel if you are going swimming.

Sexy Woman Wearing Black Bikini

Do you have any summer plans yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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