How To Achieve The Glass Skin Makeup Look On Your Own

Posted March 24, 2022 by in Beauty
woman with glass skin

Korean beauty and beauty trends have taken the world by storm, but if there is one that’s outstripped all the others by far, it’s the glass skin trend. As the name implies, the trend features glowing, almost glassine, and reflective skin. Smooth, clear, and healthy with no visible imperfections or pores. Baby soft and fresh-faced are the ultimate goals here. As with most Korean beauty looks, there is no quick fix or simple, easy ways to achieve the glass skin look. It’s not only about the perfect makeup (liquid foundation and LOTS of highlighter), but also all the skincare that comes before you can even think about applying your makeup. The glass skin look isn’t something you can just wing and hope for the best; it takes commitment and preparation!

Follow the steps that we have outlined below to achieve the glass skin look on your own at home:

1. Gentle Cleanser

No skincare or makeup routine can start any other way than with a cleanser. Pick something with natural ingredients that is easy on the skin and takes off all dirt, grime, or traces of old makeup to leave a clean, fresh canvas to work on. Since the look you’re going to be creating features bright skin, choose a cleanser that has brightening agents.

Y2K hair trend mixed with the glass skin trend

2. Exfoliator

All celebrity skincare routines include regular, but not overly aggressive, exfoliating and so should yours. An exfoliator removes surface dirt left behind after cleansing as well as dead skin cells. It opens up pores so that they don’t get congested, and it adds to that smooth skin that you’ll need to pull off the glass skin look successfully. Picking the right exfoliator for your skin is essential, and also, be sure to go with one that’s fine; big, rough exfoliating particles can cause micro-tears in your skin and do more damage than good.

Glass skin with pastel eyeshadow

3. Sheet Mask

Apply a moisturizing sheet mask after exfoliating. Pat it down all over your face and roll the moisture into your skin with a jade roller or gua sha if you have one. Let the mask sit on your face for ten to fifteen minutes-plenty of time for your skin to soak up all that delicious moisture.

Woman in bright light with dewy glass skin

4. Hydrating Toner

The toner’s job is to prevent all that lovely moisture from escaping from your skin during the rest of the process.

healthy dewy skin on a blonde woman

5. Hydrating Serum

The moisturizing continues with a serum that you’ll pat into your skin. Well-moisturized skin is the most significant contributing factor to a perfect glass skin look, so don’t skip this step. Let the serum soak into your skin before moving onto the moisturizer.

6. Lightweight Moisturizer

Yes, MORE moisturizer! Make sure you choose the right one for your skin type and rub this in all over your face once the serum has sunk in. Take a few minutes to let the moisturizer sink in before moving on to the next step.

Smiling Woman Applying Facial Cream on Her Face

7. Foundation

Since you are going for a glass skin look, you need to choose a moisturizing NON-MATTE liquid foundation. Go for a medium coverage foundation and layer it up if you need to. Apply using a beauty blender and blend, blend, blend.

Woman with shiny eyeshadow and lips and dewy skin following the glass skin makeup trend

8. Liquid Highlighter

To get that glass sheen that characterizes this look, you’ll need to apply a liquid highlighter to any places on your face that the sun would naturally fall on. Apply a little product to the back of your hand then to your face using a brush or sponge. Blend until the highlight is smooth and flawless. Using liquid instead of powder means that you will likely get a less glittery and more shiny look and one that is much more easily blendable.

Woman with the glass skin trend holding a Rare Beauty lip gloss by Selena Gomez

9. Last Steps

To complement the makeup you’ve already applied, you need to give your cheeks a little bit of color. We recommend using a liquid blush on the apples of your cheeks- blend out to smooth perfection. Since the focus of the look is the skin, keep your eyes and lips subtle. Curl your lashes and add no more than a sweep of mascara. If you’re going to add eyeshadow, use something very natural with a slight shimmer. Use a neutral lip or a lip balm so as not to detract from the rest of the look. Brows can be bold or subtle, depending on your preference.

Brunette woman with glass skin

The glass skin look is a process, but don’t be intimidated! Take your time, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro at applying this trendy look.

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